Get classy with classical music

Pop and hip-hop music may get the headlines, but classical music is thriving—especially in the world of apps.

Can’t make it to Germany to hear the Berlin Philharmonic? The orchestra’s Digital Concert Hall app is the next best thing, streaming live events along with an archive of the orchestra’s past concerts. And although there are fewer and fewer classical music stations these days, fortunately you can find streaming apps devoted to the genre.

Or dive deep into an iconic piece with Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, an app that lets you listen to (and switch among) the recordings of four legendary conductors: Bernstein, Fricsay, Gardiner, and Karajan. Follow along with the sheet music, see a BeatMap showing when each section of the orchestra is playing, and read expert commentary in real time. Classical music has never looked—or sounded—so good.

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    Beethoven’s 9th Symphony

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