Start the new year organized

Ah, January. The time of year where we take stock of our resolutions and try to make them reality. But there's always something holding us back from realising our dreams. Like common, every day household chores: keeping track of the bills, doing the shopping or keeping the plants alive.

Luckily, we’ve got some apps that can help you to stay organised at home. Whether it’s getting rid of paperwork by scanning everything with Evernote or keeping the shopping list up-to-date with Bring!, these apps will keep even the most scatterbrained person on top of things. And if you don’t want to deal with this kind of stuff, we even have apps to help you hire someone who will.

    Happy Plant - No Water Thirst

    Water plant reminder app


    Photo Scanner Plus

    Unlimited photo album scanning



    Notes Organizer & Planner


    Scanner Pro: PDF Scanner App

    Scan to PDF, OCR, Fax


    Bring! Shopping List & Recipes

    Simple Grocery List and Wallet


Now that you have all the physical elements sorted out, it’s time to take care of the people you live with. Using apps it's easy to keep track of everyone’s schedules, so if you want to plan a family karaoke night, you can be sure everyone can attend. Or use Splitwise to figure out who owes who how much.


    Split expenses with friends


    Family Organizer by Picniic

    Shared Family Calendar & Lists


    Gimi - Financial Superskills®

    Allowance, savings and chores


So go ahead, get these apps and take care of the basics. Then go ahead and book those golfing lessons!