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Enjoy five of Nike’s best sweat sessions for super-busy people.

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Life keep getting in the way of your exercise goals? Nike Training Club can help. The following five sessions are specifically designed for those struggling to squeeze a workout into their busy schedule.

Each workout can be completed in under 20 minutes, without any equipment. Just fire up the free app and follow along with the video drills. Whether your goal is to stretch out, strengthen your muscles or improve your mobility, there’s something here for you.

Quick Core Crush
· Minutes: 10
· What it is: Variations on planks, crunches and sit-ups.
· Why it’s awesome: Everyone needs to build their core strength and this workout – the most popular in the app – is designed to give you a quick dose with no fuss.

The title of this 10-minute beginner-friendly workout says it all.

Lean Fit Benchmark
· Minutes: 6
· What it is: Five exercises – an in-place run, bodyweight squats, quick-feet drills, push-ups and lateral bounds – with an assorted number of reps that you repeat in a circuit three times. The goal is to do the workout as fast as you can.
· Why it’s awesome: Finishing the same benchmark workout regularly is a great way to measure your fitness progress. See if you can shave a little off your time when you do the workout again.

No equipment necessary for this workout (not even a skipping rope).

Glute and Hip Strength
· Minutes: 20
· What it is: Think hip lifts, lateral knee drives and squat pulses. This lower-body-stabilising circuit helps target those sometimes hard-to-get-to areas.
· Why it’s awesome: Great for all levels and all types of exercisers, this workout is designed to build a bit of heat and leave you feeling accomplished and energised.

Runner Warm-Up
· Minutes: 7
· What it is: All those pre-run stretches you know you should do... but you never do: hurdle steps, runner touches, lateral hip openers and more.
· Why it’s awesome: You don’t have to be a runner to get something out of this workout: the core- and hip-stability routine helps promote better overall movement. Try it with any cardio session, before a run, as a stand-alone session or blended into your morning routine.

Each workout is broken down into a series of short videos.

Essential Flow Yoga
· Minutes: 19
· What it is: Endurance-based yoga with sun salutations, cat cows, pigeons, flows from down dog to mountain to high plank and Savasana.
· Why it’s awesome: Everyone needs a little me time during a busy day. Use this yoga regimen to focus on the quality of your breath, activate your muscles and help your joints. This is a great way to stay mentally centred throughout your day.

To find these workouts, log in to Nike Training Club, tap Workouts from the top menu and enter the name into the search field.

Looking for more? You’ve got plenty to choose from. Over 90 of the app’s 180-plus routines are in the five- to 22-minute range. Now there’s really no excuse not to work out.

    Nike Training Club

    Home workouts & fitness plans