Shareable happiness

The occasions when the entire family gets together are rare. When it happens, there’s usually quite a wide generational gap to bridge. Are there any activities that can possibly keep the whole family entertained? Of course there are! Add these apps to the mix and share some happy times together.

Not present, no problem

Traffic jams or illness can spoil the party for those who can’t make it, and those already there. You can make sure that whoever’s absent is still able to join in on the fun though. Call them using Squad and use the screen-sharing feature to say hi and bring a smile to everyone’s face in the process.

    Squad - be together

    Watch videos & screen share


Down to the beats

Making music might not be for everyone, but with fluid 2D shapes, Sound Rebound turns sound loops into a visual spectacle. In fact, it’s so much fun that even those who don’t normally like to engage in music creation will be in their element composing some funky tunes. And if you just want to dance, maybe it’s best to leave the music mixing to someone else. With Edjing Mix you can go from song to song without any gaps in between, just like there’s a pro DJ in the room.

    Sound Rebound



    edjing Mix - dj app

    Remix your songs & make music


Karaoke kids

Children are the stars of every family reunion, whether they’re still babies or a bit older. And while every uncle and auntie relishes the times they spend playing and singing with the kids, how about dialing up the excitement with Tap record and sing along with preloaded songs for tiny tots, alongside cute backgrounds and animated animals. What’s not to love?

    Karaoke for kids


At this point in the party, everyone might be getting weary from all the great times these apps have brought. But there’s one more thing that will bring some lolz. Before everyone takes off, create an amusing animated avatar with Morf: Your real AR avatar as a farewell gift. It will be the perfect memory of a perfect get-together.