Make your fireworks photos pop

3 apps for snapping a sparkly spectacle.

Fireworks are tough to photograph, even for pros. Successful shots require a tricky calculation of shutter speed, aperture and ISO – and you’ll probably need a tripod while you’re at it.

Our advice? Shoot video, and use these three apps to turn a quick clip into visual magic.


What it does: adds a glimmering sparkle effect to whatever you shoot.

How to use it: swipe left or right to choose from 13 subtly animated filters, and adjust the intensity of the effect using the slider bar. With fireworks, crank this nearly all the way up so the resulting video pulses and shines long after the triumphant finale.


    Photo & Video


Cinemagraph Pro

What it does: turns a video you’ve recorded into a cinemagraph – a still photo with isolated sections that move.

How to use it: try framing your video so there’s a distinct separation between the fireworks display in the sky and the surrounding scenery. For something unexpected, create a cinemagraph where the fireworks are still but the scene below (such as water) is in motion. For best results, mount your iPhone on a tripod or stand when shooting.

    Cinemagraph Pro

    Imagery That Gets Noticed



What it does: Hyperspektiv creates trippy, 'cyberdelic' video effects reminiscent of ’90s MTV.

How to use it: choose a video from your Camera Roll to apply a static filter or record directly in the app to tweak the filter in real time. Swiping around the screen as you record creates surprising movement and graphic dissonance. When you’re done, your fireworks may no longer look like fireworks, but they’ll certainly be mesmerising.

    HYPERSPEKTIV: Photo, Video, AR

    Psychedelic Glitch Filters