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App features Include:
• 36 editable demo pages
• In-app page creation and editing
• Text-to-speech and recorded audio
• Voice / pitch changes
• International language support, including right-to-left text entry
• Camera image acquisition directly in the cells
• Easily show, dim, or hide cells
• Opacity of dimmed cells is fully adjustable
• Dimmed cells remain active or can be disabled
• Word prediction with a 150k word library
• Optional word learning and tracking of frequency of word use
• 1x-3x Cell magnification slider for low vision
• Page previews and a search bar
• Data tracking - 30 days of activity are logged in LAM format
• Data logs may be copied to Notes app for printing, emailing, and PeRT analysis
• Direct posting to social media, including Twitter, email, and SMS & MMS text messaging via email
• Undo button

Switch support:
• One- and two-switch scanning
• Sequential and row/column scanning
• Auditory preview
• Bluetooth and direct touch scanning
• Supports RJ Cooper, AbleNet, Therapy Box, and Inclusive Technology Bluetooth switches

Alexicom AAC for iPhone/iPad lets you use your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch as an augmentative communication device.

Publish your Alexicom augmentative communication pages to your iPad, iPod, or iPhone and take them anywhere. Communication pages with text, images, and AT&T Natural Voices speech output can be downloaded directly from the Alexicom PRO server or imported from your PC or Mac using iTunes. Once the pages are on your device, a data connection is no longer required. (Full access to the Alexicom PRO server requires an active Alexicom account.)

Alexicom PRO provides 2,500 pre-made pages and over 25,000 real photo and SymbolStix images in the following pre-made page sets: ChildPre (A,B,C), Child1 (A and B), Child2, Child Intermediate, PicSpeechmaker, Speechmaker, Adult1, Adult2, Healthcare, StoryMaker, Core 280, Child Home, Teen Home, and Spanish Child1. With an Alexicom PRO account, you can easily import these pages into your own online library and customize them and/or create your own pages. AT&T Natural Voices and eSpeak TTS offer text-to-speech output in 68 voices and 30 languages.

Alexicom PRO is not device-dependent. Your pages can be accessed from any PC, Mac, Linux, iOS device, or other device with a standard web browser or app market. Pages on the Alexicom PRO server can be shared between SLPs and parents and edited without taking the device away from the user. Publish your pages to multiple devices. Easily print your pages and even use them on an interactive white board.


Version 1.6.4

• Removed Alexicom PRO page expiry. Once pages have been published to the app, they will never expire on the device.
• Improved search feature includes AAC page content so you can quickly locate words on AAC pages.
• Faster cell editing with spoken text autofill during label text entry.
• Enabled SSL encryption (TLS 1.2) on Alexicom PRO server for secure page publishing.

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2 notes

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