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● Des notifications météo avec Radar MC
● Un détecteur d’eau et de gel gratuit avec Alerte MD
● Un rabais potentiel sur votre assurance auto avec Ajusto MD
● Un accès rapide à votre dossier d’assurance et à votre réclamation en mode autonome

Recevez des notifications en cas de grêle, de vents violents, de pluies abondantes ou de tout autre risque météo pouvant endommager vos biens. Radar de Desjardins Assurances vous prévient en cas de risque météo sérieux pour vos adresses spécifiques.

Programme Alerte
Lorsque vous détenez une assurance habitation de Desjardins Assurances, vous pouvez obtenir un détecteur d’eau et de gel gratuitement avec Alerte. Si une fuite d’eau ou le gel d’un tuyau est détecté, vous recevrez une alerte sur votre téléphone intelligent et pourrez ainsi réagir rapidement pour limiter les dégâts.

Programme Ajusto
Suivez de près vos habitudes de conduite avec le programme Ajusto de Desjardins Assurances et économisez jusqu’à 25 % sur votre prime d’assurance auto avant votre renouvellement!

Estimation par photos
Lors d'une réclamation impliquant un accident mineur avec votre véhicule, l’Estimation par photos vous permet de prendre vous-même des photos des dommages et de les envoyer à un carrossier ou à un estimateur. Vous évitez donc un déplacement et faites progresser votre réclamation plus rapidement!

Services en ligne
Si vous détenez une assurance automobile ou habitation avec nous, accédez à votre dossier d’assurance de vos Services en ligne, à partir de l’application. Vous pourrez effectuer plusieurs transactions directement sur votre téléphone intelligent.

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Notes légales

Desjardins Assurances désigne Desjardins Assurances générales inc. au Québec, Certas direct, compagnie d’assurances en Ontario et en Alberta et Certas, compagnie d’assurances auto et habitation, émettrice de produits d’assurance auto et habitation.

DESJARDINS MC, DESJARDINS ASSURANCES MC, les marques de commerce comprenant le mot DESJARDINS et leurs logos sont des marques de commerce de la Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec, employées sous licence.

Certaines conditions, exclusions et limitations peuvent s’appliquer.

MC Radar est une marque de commerce de Desjardins Groupe d’assurances générales inc., employée sous licence.

MD Alerte est une marque déposée de Desjardins Groupe d'assurances générales inc., employée sous licence. 

Ajusto est souscrit auprès de Desjardins Assurances et est seulement offert en Ontario et au Québec.

MD Ajusto est une marque déposée de Desjardins Assurances générales inc., employée sous licence.

Le rabais d’Ajusto ne s’applique pas à certains avenants et garanties supplémentaires. Applicable selon les conditions d’utilisation en vigueur au moment de votre adhésion au programme Ajusto.

Note : L'utilisation de la fonction GPS en continu peut considérablement diminuer le niveau d’autonomie de votre batterie.


Version 3.18

La prévention au cœur de l’appli!

Dans votre application Desjardins Assurances Auto-habitation, accédez maintenant à Ajusto, Alerte et Radar à partir de la nouvelle section Prévention. En un coup d’œil, voyez votre dernier score avec Ajusto, vos avertissements en vigueur pour Alerte et Radar, et plus encore!

Notes et avis

2.7 sur 5
263 notes

263 notes

Rockstar_sean ,

Good app but...

This is a great way to see what your driving habits are to a limit. It unfortunately does not actually record safe driving habits.
There are however certain things that need to be corrected that “fix” the score in the insurance companies favour preventing anyone from being able to get a full 25% discount.
1. Driving within the hours of 10am-2pm, ie. NOT rush hour is the only way to score 100 the best I have ever been able to get is 90 and the explanation given for the lower score was because I’m driving during rush hour, to and from work, both in the app and from tech support. As well if you drive after dark, or are a night shift worker your score also goes down because you are driving at night, when traffic is at its lowest?
Yes at night there is a potential of drunk drivers, and reduced visibility. Last time I checked drinking and driving can occur 24 hours a day, and is now number two behind distracted driving both of which, can, and do occur 24 hours a day.
So to penalize a client for these “other peoples” stupid moves, is not fair and is an excuse for you guys to ding clients so you don’t have to give them the 25% discount even though they are a safe driver, as your adds describe.
It needs to be for an accurate assessment of a clients driving habits to show for these drive times without penalty. In fact it should be graded better for safer drivers who actually do the limit and don’t out drive their headlamps by going faster then the posted speed limits, and driving during heavy traffic at the speed of other vehicles.
Since you guys use Google maps to power your app, the system would be able to ascertain the speed of traffic, based on local traffic reports, and from other people using google maps and/or a GPS in their cars.
If a reading is taken from say car A at this location, and it takes that car to travel from a set point to a set point 20-25 minutes, simple math would allow you to see that your client is travelling with traffic in heavy traffic. Not doing the same distance between the same two points in 15 minutes, which means that that driver is weaving in and out of traffic. As well smart phones are really smart... a simple GPS ping will be able to show if that client is in an HOV lane too. My iPhone can be found using an app to show me where it is within 10 feet... lanes on a highway are 12 feet wide, do the math.
You guys can do this too with a simple algorithm modification.
You guys are suppose to be looking at your client and not other drivers actions to formulate their individual scores.
As well I’m willing to bet that 70% or more of your clients work regular days Monday to Friday between 8-6ish so telling them in order to get an accurate score the only time you can drive and get a good score is when they’re at work and you kind of have to stay there because you can’t drive after work either because it’s at night.
2. According to the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario, (Section 132) and if memory serves me correctly every other jurisdiction throughout North America, impeding traffic is almost as bad as speeding. In fact according the HTA SECTION 132 it carries a fine and 2 demerit points.
I refer to this for, points being taken off for hard acceleration.
Let’s face it speed kills that’s not the issue, but entering a 400 series highway at 40km/hr is extremely dangerous!
Most on-ramps to 400 series highways give you ample distance in the acceleration lane to get up to the speed limit or close to the speed traffic is moving at. This requires a safe driver to use a little more gas to get to speed, 100km/hr to enter the highway at the posted limit, or closer to the average speed that traffic is moving at in lane number 3, (but not over the maximum speed limit).
Entering a 400 series highway doing substantially less then the speed limit, or greater then, causes trucks which are mandated and use speed limiters in Ontario are limited to 105 km/h not to have to move to lane 2 or slam on their brakes to avoid running into the back of your vehicle doing 40 km/h, and lead to the rest of the traffic to slow down to 40km/h to allow for an unsafe driver to get his 100 point potential to get onto the highway.
Seems that it would be a lot SAFER to accelerate a little more in a straight line to match or at least get to 100km/h then to impede traffic and potentially cause an accident. Yes the curve, that yellow sign that says say 40km/h is not a speed limit rather it is a speed suggestion based on math as to be the safest speed that a car can SAFELY go through the curve in slippery conditions based on the skid coefficient of how properly inflated car tires react to ash fault, cement, gravel, sand and so on and so forth.
This is for the curve... at the end of the curve is usually a straightaway of some sort, which is designed to be the proper length for, again “a car” to reach 100 km/h through acceleration.
This is a simple fix, you guys use Google Maps to account for the speeds and locations. A simple modification to allow for harder acceleration on, on-ramps of highways is a coding issue on your part. To add to this what about short on-ramps?
I’ll use the easiest one, Jameson Ave onto the Gardener Expressway westbound, in Toronto, Ontario Canada. At the top of the ramp there is a stoplight and the ramp is 25 metres long... so let’s see 0 to 90 km/h in less then 30 metres... I’m gonna have to press the gas.
Other then these two factors, I like the app but certainly there is always room to improve and get a more accurate assessment of an individuals driving patterns and habits. Not a fixed method for the insurance company to dangle a carrot of a 25% discount in front of a consumers face with no possible way for getting higher then 15-20%.
Make it fair... not everybody can get the full 25% discount, but the way you guys have it set up.... nobody can.

RichterMTL ,

The more you use it the tougher it gets.

At the beginning it seemed to be reasonable. Unless major infractions you got 3 stars. After I hit 1000km. The rating would dig the score for a little red or 1 medium braking, where before it didn’t. It also tricks you saying detected your were a driver or passenger, what determines this difference? After a few days I don’t recall which is which. This should be fixed to make it easier for users. Unfortunately, the program was also poorly explained when I signed up. I was consistant at 92 and over 20%, once 1000km within a few drives and days it has dropped me to 79 and unless I drive perfect and nothing happens I only get 1 star. This exercise feels like a scratch ticket at a store, no matter which ticket they all have 10% Discount. By the end of the period, I feel ill be at 10% based on what I see other reviews say.

Phil-MTL ,

Des correctifs doivent être apportés

Je trouve que l’application est une bonne idée, ça permet de vraiment voir nos habitudes de conduite et de s’ajuster pour avoir un meilleur rabais. Toutefois, je trouve que l’application est un peu juste en matière d’évaluation. J’explique cela de la manière suivante: je n’utilise pas mon cellulaire au volant, j’accélère normalement et je maintiens une bonne vitesse, MAIS parce que quelqu’un fait une manœuvre dangereuse devant moi, cela me pousse à freiner brusquement même si je garde une distance sécuritaire... je me vois octroyer seulement 1 étoile pour un trajet. Personnellement, je pense qu’il faudrait en donner 2 puisque les trois autres points mentionnés plus hauts sont positifs. La distance de freinage pour un freinage brusque devrait être revue. Je ne vois pas pourquoi je devrais payer pour les autres qui font des manœuvres parfois très dangereuses.
Bref, vous avez une bonne idée, mais je crois que l’application est un peu trop intrusive et que vos critères devraient être revus.
Merci de votre attention


Federation des caisses Desjardins du Quebec
148.2 Mo

Nécessite iOS 11.0 ou une version ultérieure. Compatible avec l’iPhone, l’iPad et l’iPod touch.


Français, Anglais

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