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Represent various money amounts using these realistic images of Canadian coins and bills.

Mathematical Concepts:

Create visual representations that help explore mathematical thinking related to:
• Estimating and counting the value of a collection of money
• Skip counting using the value of one of the coins or bills
• Representing the relationship between coins and bills. (e.g., There are 8 quarters in a toonie)
• Adding and subtracting money amounts by making simulated purchases and providing change
• Exploring place value and unit conversions
• Multiplicative thinking
• Anchors of 2, 5 and 10


• Customize the allowable set of currencies
• Resize currency images for easier manipulation
• Show labels indicating the value of each currency
• Set the units of these labels to indicate dollars or cents
• Set the number of copies to drag from the cash drawer
• Step through a history of your work with the undo/redo buttons
• Check to see how many of each type of currency are in the workspace
• Multiple select items in the workspace, then copy, move or recycle as a group
• Communicate your thinking or highlight various features of your representation using the built in annotation tool.
• Import multiple images, position and resize them
• Switch between English and French


Version 3.1.0

- improved undo/redo of image steps
- updated support docs
- bug fixes

Notes et avis

3,3 sur 5
12 notes

12 notes

Why not go for it ,

Useful and lots of fun too!

The money tool is versatile and flexible. It allows students many opportunities to work with money, to enhance their multiplicative thinking, to compose and decompose numbers in complex and varied ways and to record and communicate their thinking. -- and the kids love it!

Buccichat ,

iPhone 7plus

It doesn’t work on my iPhone 7 Plus iOS 13.3.1

math barb ,

Digital CANADIAN $$

What a great app! Not only can I have my students represent, order and compare money amounts, but they can also operate with money, for example finding the change from a purchase. They can play with ideas like the least amount of change or multiples representations of the same amount! The currency count allows for an easy check. With the annotation tool they can share their thinking! A quick screenshot and I can review the work later or choose some to share whole class! All with Canadian currency - including the penny!!

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