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Jaspaltwg ,

Locate a parking spot very easily And pay

I use this app all the time to find parking. I am a recruiter and I do a lot of travelling so this app is a life saver when trying to find parking downtown Toronto, or when I need to park my car at the airport. You locate a parking spot on the app, and pay for parking. Very easy to use!

Calgary 22 ,

Downloaded and got a ticket

Downloaded the app. Got a confirmation email that I had paid and came back to see a ticket on my windshield. Nice.

I talked to the front office. My ticket and my commencement time for paying were identical. They said they wouldn’t remove the ticket as I had a previous unpaid ticket. The unpaid ticket of course is a similar dispute where they didn’t have visible signage on the entrance I used in a lot that used to be free and there was no way I could know I needed to pay so I refused to pay that.

What I’ve learned is you need to be very wary with whatever information you give to this company. When you phone them they ask all sorts of information like your address and phone number. What they are after is the data they need to give to their collectors such that they can harass you to the point of paying. They don’t automatically have it otherwise.

When the collector calls start coming, you you can’t win a suit in court till you have been damaged by them and if you don’t pay you haven’t been damaged so you really can’t stop the harassment. If you do pay you admit guilt so you could never successfully take them to court. Brilliant strategy which is why they do it.

In short if you have an overdeveloped sense of justice like me:
- do not give them any information,
- keep a file both of when you do pay (so that courts know your are not just a dead beat).
- Keep photos and correspondence on each case where there’s and injustice and
- look forward to the day when they finally tow you for unpaid tickets such that when you win in court, they get to pay for the tow truck.

Ok so you need to carry lots of anger and resentment and really have a fundamental sense of entitlement but you’ll be doing everyone around you a favour. They rely on people just paying because it’s easier rather than sticking up for their legal rights.

They are a sophisticated company. As such, there is a greater burden on them communicating the contract of parking than on you as a consumer. So, if you’ve been mistreated they will lose in court as long as you have documented you side well.

Ottawa guy 19 ,


Horrible customer service. Entered parking at wrong lot by accident. Requested a refund immediately and was denied. Had to open dispute with credit card company. Do not trust this app, developer or company.


Park Indigo
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Nécessite iOS 10.1 ou une version ultérieure. Compatible avec l’iPhone, l’iPad et l’iPod touch.


Français, Anglais, Espagnol

Classé 4+
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