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The Reading Piece by Piece game is an educational resource for Grade 3, 4 and 5 students. Thanks to this interactive application, your students will become better and better in English as they work on syllables, word order in the sentence and text meaning. Directly taken from the book with the same name, the application is the ideal tool for having fun while making links and inferences.

Easy to use, Reading Piece by Piece is created especially for children.
In the summary, a general view of all 40 exercises is visible for easier navigating. It can be accessed by pressing the home button.
At the bottom left, the exercise number is indicated to keep track of where you are in the app.

After the application summary, you are taken to exercise 1. The game is divided into four parts :
to associate the word with the picture;
to make a word with syllables;
to make a sentence by placing words in the correct order;
to create a text by placing sentences in the correct order.
By touching a button in the right bottom corner, you can start over a same exercise.

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