A Little Zen For A Busy World

Simply put, Zen is a meditative practice to achieve serenity and peace of mind.

With origins in China as a Mahāyāna Buddhist discipline, Zen spread throughout Asia, including Japan, from where English gets the word.

However, Zen is an elusive state, one that Tang Dynasty poet Liu Changqing so beautifully struggled to describe: “Mingling with Truth among the flowers, I have forgotten what to say.”

Enlightenment isn’t easy, but you don’t need to be a devout Buddhist to find Zen. May the following apps help you on your journey.

Inn The Zone

Check into Yoritsuki for some serenity. The app puts you in a customizable Ryokan, or traditional Japanese inn, that provides a choice of décor, season and even weather. The picturesque scenery is paired with ambient sounds tuned to help you relax while enhancing those Zen vibes.




Forces of Nature

Build a sand castle by the sea, and watch the waves wash it away. That is the entirety of the Sandcastles app. Azure waters slowly melt away sand castles of varying shapes and sizes, returning the beach to its pure, untouched state. Your mind, hopefully, will follow suit.




Slow Down

PAUSE is a meditation app designed around Zen practices. Follow the dot on the screen with your finger until the screen fills with colour.

Close your eyes to lose yourself in the process. Time seems to slow down, and then comes to a standstill. Your troubles dissolve away. When you open your eyes again, a brighter world awaits. That’s the idea, anyway.

    Pause: daily mindfulness

    Focus, Energy & Clarity