Find Your Perfect Yoga Practice

Discover how these yoga apps can help upgrade your life.

Want to add some exercise to your day, boost your energy levels, or reconnect with your body? A yoga practice might be just what you need, and these apps can help.

Get Started the Right Way

Enjoy live classes from your home with Yogaia.

“Don’t worry too much about if you’re doing the right class. You’ll quickly learn what is and isn’t for you,” yoga teacher and public speaker, Sanchia Legister explains. “Do, however, check the level. Going straight in to a class that says ‘experienced’ isn’t going to make you feel good.”

Helping you experiment without pushing your body beyond its limits, Yogaia curates a list of classes based on your current level. And because you can’t expect to have flawless technique right away, the app offers live video classes with qualified instructors who can offer instant feedback on your flow.

    Yogaia: Yoga & Meditation

    Flexibility, Stretching, Poses


Master Your Movements

Yoga Studio will take you from learning the basics to mastering advanced positions.

“Yoga has the facade of looking easier than it is,” says Legister. “You’re not going to get better in just a week, but setting the goal of doing two yoga sessions every week will help you get beyond the struggle and to a place of enjoyment.”

Preventing you from feeling discouraged, Yoga Studio: Mind & Body helps you find a rhythm that works for you. Filled with video guides of individual poses and movement combinations, the app lets you schedule classes to your timeframe and download sessions when you know you’re going to be on the move.

    Yoga Studio: Mind & Body

    Home workouts & relaxations


Take Your Learnings Home

Let Legister guide you through your next session with Boxx.

“When you take your practice home, you can achieve a bit more confidence,” says Legister. “There’s a freedom to behave exactly how you want and you can take a bit more ownership of your learning by pausing and rewinding things to really refine a certain pose or movement.”

Giving you this added freedom, Boxx offers a variety of class lengths to fit your free time. And with all sessions available on iPhone, iPad, and at home on Apple TV, you can roll out your yoga mat wherever you are. The app even offers classes with Legister as your teacher.

    Boxx HIIT Cardio Boxing Yoga

    Fun Exercise & Workout Videos


Find Your Favourite Form

Not sure what form of yoga is best for you? Glo can help.

You’ve mastered the basics; now it’s time to find a speciality. Why? Well, according to Legister, “Once you know the style of yoga that you enjoy the most—be it vinyasa, ashtanga, or hatha—you start to know what sort of class you need based on how you’re feeling at any particular time.”

With almost 4,000 classes covering 49 teachers and 16 styles of yoga, Glo is filled with enough variety to let you try all yoga styles before narrowing down your favourite and advancing your skills in that area.

    Glo - Yoga and Meditation

    Formerly YogaGlo


Calm Your Mind

Soothe your body and mind with Asana Rebel’s array of workouts.

“The way our moods and bodies feel is linked to what’s going on mentally,” Legister explains. “Yoga is a good way of pausing that extra chat and freeing you from the fluctuations of your mind and the tightness in the body that can be caused by stress.”

Helping you balance the physical benefits with mental refinements, Asana Rebel offers a wide array of sessions attuned to improving your focus and mental balance. With a mix of fitness-focused sessions and classes for breathing and relaxation, a zen mind and body awaits.

    Asana Rebel: Get in Shape

    Workout and nutrition plans