Games For Non-Gamers: Relaxing Games

These unconventional puzzlers are a perfect way to chill.

Some puzzle games have stressful timers. Others, daunting difficulty. These games have neither. They’re relaxing, approachable experiences you can play at your own pace—and they’re all one of a kind.

Stylish furniture makes your cat café a happening place.

Pet Purrfection

‣ In Furistas Cat Cafe, the cute little shop you’ve opened serves more than coffee. Customers can also order cuddle time with a cute kittie. Pair them with a feline that shares their personality—friendly, shy, playful—and they’ll be extra-happy.

Watching your patrons hug cats may be heartwarming, but don’t get too distracted: You have other tasks to attend to, like wiping away paw prints and petting lone kitties till they purr. Before long, you’ll have earned enough from your contented clientele to buy more cats, plus lots of new cool decorations for your store.

    Furistas Cat Cafe

    Adopt and cuddle cute kittens

Soar through enchanting dreamscapes in Flower.

Nature’s Serenity

‣ Soothing in a completely different way, Flower makes you a petal on the wind, gliding gently through open spaces, searching for other flowers. As you find them and collect more petals, you slowly form a kaleidoscopic whirlwind that restores withered fields or lights up a dark valley in a burst of colour.

There’s something wonderful, even moving, about bringing life to these environments. But as a purely sensory experience—the way blades of grass part as you drift through them, the musical notes that play as you touch new flowers—this game is pretty amazing. Your whole journey is so effortless, you’ll forget you’re solving puzzles at all.



Hidden Folks’ hustling, bustling worlds feel incredibly alive.

Secret Worlds

‣ Less easygoing than Flower, Hidden Folks challenges you to find characters and objects in dense scenes reminiscent of the Wheres Waldo? books. Unlike traditional drawings, though, these locations aren’t static: You can part curtains, lift garage doors, and peek behind bushes.

With the game’s adorable black-and-white art and hilarious sound effects, scouring a factory for a walking robot is as fun, as is combing a forest for a dropped hairbrush. Finding everything will take a while, but there’s no rush—you’ll want to take your time and savour all the amazing details.

    Hidden Folks

    Cute. Funny. But where?!