Give New Life to Your Old photos

Old photos taken with film cameras that have aged over time and lay forgotten in photo albums still hold treasured stories.

These photos are not in our computers or on our screens, nor do they retain their old colours. But with the help of some apps, you can bring them back to life.

Use Photo Scan App by Photomyne to digitize photos by holding down the shutter button; the app automatically identifies the boundaries and crops to the photo. You can scan multiple photos at once, saving you the trouble of processing each picture individually.

For those photos that have faded with time, or the old black and white classics, Colorize breathes life into them. Import the photo and wait for the progress bar to finish, and you’ll see a carefully colourized photo.

Photos that are stored in the phone may feel different from the ones in your hand. A colourized photo may not preserve the original shades faithfully. But at least we can access our past much more easily, allowing us to reminisce anytime, anywhere.

    Photo Scanner App by Photomyne

    Photo Scan - Ancestry Photos


    Colorize - Color B&W Photos

    Auto Colorization Using AI