Show Off Your Pets

Pets can bring out the same impulses in us that children do—namely, that need to share their every precious moment on social media.

When your pet pouts with those big, innocent eyes, your first reaction is to melt. The second? Take a picture. And it seems you can never share enough of them.

But there’s more to showing off your pet than a photo with the same old “look, how cute!” caption. Here are some ideas.

Look Who’s Talking

With My Talking Pet, all you need is a headshot of your pet to see and hear them say any recorded message or audio you dub in.

The app not only makes the animal’s mouth and eyes move, but the voice effects are also absolutely adorable. You can add accessories to dress them up, from kitty pirates to puppy maidens.

Get creative and have your pet sing your favourite song or recite a famous quote, then share it as a short video on social media. Let’s see your friends’ pets top that!

    My Talking Pet

    Make funny, cute animal videos


Animate Your Animals

There’s something about pet GIFs—you can never get enough of them. Pets not only know exactly how to charm us, but they can sometimes express how we’re feeling even better than we can.

Momento is a GIF creation app that stands out because it’s so easy to use. It automatically scans for photos taken with Burst mode and previews them as GIFs. Simply pick the ones you like then add text, stickers, and filters—within seconds you’ve got a GIF that will kill ‘em with cuteness.

    GIF Maker by Momento

    Video to GIF & Stop Motion


Moving Memories

With so many cute photos of your pet, how can you pick just one to share?

Share them all in one shot with MoShow. It takes all your favourite photos and turns them into a video montage. It’s easy to use too. Import your selections and the app does the rest, adding layouts, effects, and even a soundtrack. There are plenty of different templates to choose from, which you can then tweak and edit to make your own.

    MoShow Slideshow Photo & Video

    Make music slide shows & edits