Tidy Up Your Mac

Clear out the cruft with these handy apps.

Looking to better organize your files—and get rid of the ones you no longer need? These apps can spiff up your storage in no time.


This app makes space hogs like videos and installer files easy to spot by displaying everything on your hard drive in a pie-chart-like view. The larger the slice, the larger the folder or file. Drill down and eradicate as you see fit.


GrandPerspective also generates a graphical representation of your drive, but it puts everything—both folders and files—in a single bird’s-eye view. Another handy feature is its ability to colour-code files by how recently you accessed them—useful for finding items you haven’t opened in ages.

Folder Tidy

Use Folder Tidy to quickly sort all the photos, PDFs, documents, and videos strewn across your devices into appropriately labelled subfolders. It’s a great way to bring order to your Downloads folder, desktop, or thumb drive of project files.

Gemini 2

Here’s one category of files you can safely delete: duplicates! Gemini 2 finds them all—including items that are nearly identical. It can even search across external drives, cloud storage, and your local drive.


PhotoSweeper makes it easy to compare all those very-similar-looking photos taking up space on your drive. (Ever use burst mode?) The app looks in all the likely spots—like your Photos, Aperture, and Adobe Lightroom libraries—and displays a convenient side-to-side view of likely culprits.

CleanMyMac X

In addition to unearthing old logs, caches, and other unnecessary files for eradication, CleanMyMac X cleanly uninstalls apps (along with the support files they’ve scattered around your drive) and scans for malicious files.