If You Build It, You’ll Have Fun

Ever peer down at a city from an airplane? The buildings are all tiny and toylike, the streams of cars silent and orderly. You might feel awestruck by humanity’s capacity for ingenuity... until later, when you’re trying not to scream in yet another traffic jam. Seriously, why isn’t this road six lanes wide? Fortunately, you can create your own reality. These games let you live out your construction fantasies, whether it’s planning out power grids, piecing together a post-apocalyptic shelter, or making sure your theme park has enough bathrooms. This is your chance to add those extra lanes.

Build a New Reality

SimCity: BuildIt lets you fix those kinds of highway problems. You’re given a blank canvas of land and asked to develop it into a glittering, glorious metropolis. And if metropolitan construction isn’t your thing, try theme park design in RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch, because why bother with sensible roads when you could be building burger stands and towering roller coasters?

    SimCity BuildIt

    Build your extraordinary city.


    RollerCoaster Tycoon® Touch™

    Theme Park and Building Games


Build a Fantasy

Maybe you don’t want to get bogged down in all that realism. Why deal with ordinary cities when you could focus on resource shortages in postapocalyptic wastelands? Yes, that is actually a fun thing to do. Fallout Shelter proves it. Or you could build the dinosaur park you secretly wish were real in Jurassic World: The Game.

    Fallout Shelter

    A Better Life, Underground


    Jurassic World™: The Game

    Hatch. Battle. Evolve.


Build a Toy World

Keep avoiding reality by creating and managing a fantastic city for toys only. This, of course, with the help of our favourite claw machine—Clawbert.

    Clawbert: ToyTown

    Build a Town for Toys!



    Open Gachapons with Cute Toys!


Build a Future

Or maybe you want to go beyond the confines of this planet? Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow lets you set up a futuristic city, collect characters, then soar into outer space to zap enemies in intergalactic battles.

    Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow

    A City Building RPG Adventure!


Build Something Easy

Look. Cities are cool and all, but who has the time to plan out the specifics? If you’re looking for all the fun of watching cities grow without the complications, you’re looking for a game like Bit City.

    Bit City