Love Soccer? Play These Games

It’s 8-0 for the champs (that's you) with these super soccer games.

Want to bend it like Beckham? These games all hit the target and ensure you can get your soccer fix whether you’re lounging on the sofa or on your morning commute.

Pick Your Team

Soccer is full of heated rivalries, but there is one that can divide families and friendships more than any other: FIFA vs. PES.

Shoot or cross? What will you do?

Both FIFA Football and PES 2019 are available for your iPhone and iPad, each bringing stunning graphics, smooth gameplay, and a flurry of recognizable stars. Whichever side of the field you’re on, there are no losers here.

    FIFA Soccer

    The world's soccer game.


    eFootball PES 2020

    Authentic football action!


Work on Your Game

Running’s overrated. All that passing and moving might be easy on the eye, but if you’re more about the action moments, Score! Hero lays pre-defined plays out in front of you.

Your job is to execute them. A perfectly weighted through ball here, an impeccably timed overhead kick into the top corner there—the more of these plays you piece together, the further through the game’s engaging and meandering narrative you’ll move.

Like this overhead kick, in Score! Hero anything is possible.

Need to practise your finishing? Football Strike challenges you to hit the target from a number of dead ball situations. Just watch out when defensive walls and keepers make an appearance. And if you want a change of pace you can switch places, don your goalie gloves, and take up residence between the goal posts.

    Score! Hero

    Be The Hero!


    Football Strike

    Multiplayer Soccer


Have Fun Out There

As seriously as we might take it while watching a championship game, soccer should be fun.

Trading impeccable realism for a bit more arcade action, SSC 2019 will take you back to the soccer games of your youth with some top-down, pixelated, pass-and-shoot action.

SSC 2019 is football gaming as we remember it from our youth.

Want to add more fun and fantasy to your virtual kick-abouts? In Rumble Stars Football you’ve got to fling your team of ability-equipped animals up and down the field in a series of player-verus-player head-to-heads, while Head Ball 2 sees soccer players transformed into little more than a giant head and an oversized foot before battling it out in a rough-and-tumble kick-about.

    Rumble Stars

    Epic Real-Time Animal Soccer!


    Head Ball 2

    Strike, score & play football


    SSC 2020

    The King of Retro Soccer!


Earn Your Coaching Badges

When your playing days are over, you don’t have to drift into obscurity. Instead, take to the touchline in Football Manager 2019 Mobile.

When your playing days are over, Football Manager Mobile will keep your career going.

Here every facet of your management skills will be put to the test. You’ll have to handle transfer budgets, unhappy stars, squad selection, and off-field antics.

You’ll have to hone your team’s skills to avoid the drop, move up through the leagues, and eventually challenge for a trophy or two.

    Football Manager 2020 Mobile

    Your club, your way.