No Gym Membership Required

Work out at home with these great training apps.

Getting fit doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. Thanks to apps it’s possible to forgo a traditional—and costly—gym membership without missing out on any of the fitness benefits.

As well as letting you work out in the comfort of your own home, these apps—which all offer tailored exercise plans—have Apple TV support (along with iPhone and iPad friendly versions), so you can do your exercises in front of the biggest screen in your house.

Get a Custom Workout Regimen

Asana Rebel is like having a personal trainer in your pocket.

Those introductory gym sessions where they judge your current fitness levels before giving you a bland, carbon-copy exercise plan sometimes feel both embarrassing and underwhelming. Whether your primary objective is improving your fitness or losing weight, Asana Rebel makes things more personal—curating workouts and exercises to your individual abilities and goals.

Combining yoga-inspired fitness regimens with HIIT sessions, Asana’s video guides help lead you through each session—from improving your core power to increasing your energy levels. And because it’s important to see the effects of your effort, the app tracks your progress as you go.

    Asana Rebel: Get in Shape

    Workout and nutrition plans


No Equipment Needed

Thinking of quitting? Streaks will keep your fitness goals on track.

One of the main draws of the gym is the access to the sort of equipment you’re unable to squeeze into your home. But you can hit all of your fitness goals without any specialist equipment at all. Bodyweight-based exercises let you work with what you’ve got, and Streaks Workout is filled with them.

It lets you create your own workout combinations to pair bicycle crunches with squats, or triceps dips with extended planks. To keep you motivated, you’re challenged with building a streak of consecutive days of activity. The app then gives you reports and breakdowns on your success. It’ll make you strive for a new streak personal best and keep you coming back day after day.

    Streaks Workout

    For all fitness levels