Organize a Surprise Party

Your better half has a b-day on the horizon, so now’s your chance to plan an unforgettable celebration. But if this surprise party is going to stay a secret, they shouldn’t suspect a thing until that confetti cannon pops during their grand entrance.

You’re now part of a covert party-planning operation. Get organized, leave no trace of arrangements, and collude with friends to ensure this is a party to remember. These apps can help you pull it all off with aplomb.

Secret Communication

This planning phase requires the utmost secrecy. The cake, the gifts—not even a hint of a balloon colour should leak. To keep all the details under lock and key, use the messaging app Threema; it protects sent messages and images with a password, so your partner doesn’t accidentally read about any of your surprise plans.


    Seriously secure messaging


Untraceable Gift-Buying

You’ve scoured online for the jacket at the top of their present wish list. Quickly put it in your shopping cart, purchase it, and wait for its arrival. But what if that jacket follows you, appearing in advertising banners on all of your devices? Fret not because DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser will help you cover your tracks. The app protects your privacy on the web and ensures that banners don’t reveal what you want to be kept as a surprise.

    DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

    Privacy, simplified.


Organize Food and Drinks

You’ll want food and drinks to keep every party-goer satisfied. With Bring! Shopping List & Recipes, you can easily share a shopping list with several people, maintain it, and check off everything that’s in your shopping cart. Only you and your friends will see what you have on the list—nobody else.

    Bring! Shopping List & Recipes

    Simple Grocery List & Recipes


Make This Party Unforgettable

You’ve nailed it. Your partner was definitely super surprised! The party was a huge success and you’ve snapped so many fabulous photos. Now it’s time to turn to LaLaLab so that you can put those party pics in the right light. With the app, the surprise party project becomes a cool photo book that your partner can treasure forever.

    LALALAB. - Photo printing

    Prints, Photobooks, Magnets…