Play out Your Sports Fantasies

Become the race-winning, goal-scoring, shot-making hero of your dreams.

Whether you dream of scoring a title-winning goal, overtaking a world-class athlete, or hitting a hole in one, these games (almost) make your fantasies a reality.

Take the Lead in Monaco

Make like Lewis Hamilton in F1 Mobile Racing.

Most of your driving involves chauffeuring your kids. But you know your racing skills were born for the streets of Monte Carlo. Fortunately, with F1 Mobile Racing, you can prove it.

The game lines you up on a Formula 1 grid against some of the sport’s greatest champions. As well as taking on the likes of Lewis Hamilton, you’ll have to get past real-world rivals if you’re to take that coveted top step on the podium.

    F1 Mobile Racing

    2020 Official Formula 1 Game


Score the Winning Goal

Ever dreamed of smashing one in like Salah? Check out FIFA Soccer.

You’ve dreamt of this moment since you were a kid. Back then, you were taking the ball around a pile of leaves before slotting it between two makeshift goalposts. Now you’re wearing your team’s colours and running onto a perfectly weighted through ball.

FIFA Soccer lets you realize all of your soccer dreams. You can play a cheeky one-two with Messi, strike a free kick like Ronaldo, and score the goals that beat your bitter rivals.

    FIFA Soccer

    The world's soccer game.


Sink a Buzzer Beater

The game is tied. Two seconds remain on the clock. Your opponent’s shot hits the rim. You collect the rebound and launch the ball as hard as you can. As it leaves your fingers, the clock hits zero, the scoreboard flashes red. You don’t even need to look—you know how this ends.

While in reality your shot would have only made it halfway across the court, in NBA 2K Mobile Basketball you’ve got all the skills to ensure that ball touches nothing but net. The crowd goes wild. You go wild. You’re an NBA hero. Revel in it.

    NBA 2K Mobile Basketball

    Build Your Team of All-Stars!


Hit a Hole in One

Hit the links like Tiger Woods in WGT Golf.

There’s nothing wrong with being a one-hit wonder, especially when it comes to golf. Sure, you could win a dozen tournaments or set a course record or two, but the ultimate golfing dream is hitting that single perfect shot and sinking a hole in one.

In WGT Golf you can take to the driving range to hone your swing before heading out on to some of the world’s most esteemed courses to add extra kudos to your sporting triumph. All that’s left to do is carefully line up your shot, set your power, and swing.

    WGT Golf

    Realistic golf, real courses


Lift the Super Bowl

For authentic football action, Madden is your best bet.

Ten yards. Four plays. One season. It all comes down to this. Make the play and you’ll win the Super Bowl. Fail and it’s all been for nothing. But you don’t need to worry about that—you’re a winner. You’ve proven as much all season.

Thankfully, in Madden NFL Mobile Football you’re in control of your own fate. You pick your play—a cheeky halfback pass—and watch as that perfect spiral is picked out of the air by your tight end. It’s over—you win. You’re World Champions. Don’t dwell on your success though. Another season awaits.


    Be the greatest of all time!