Tasty’s Most Tempting Videos

Tap for the secret sauce behind everyone’s favourite cooking tutorials.


Food videos and recipes


Thank Tasty for transforming cooking videos as we know them.

These viral sensations—which masterfully pare down recipes for decadent desserts and other fabulous fare to clips just a few minutes long—are probably all over your social media feed. But you can also watch them to your heart’s (er, stomach’s) content in the Tasty app.

Not sure where to begin? Start by sampling these three fan favourites.

Most Viewed: Volcano Cake

‣ This explosive video was watched more than 14 million times in its first 10 days. It’s the perfect example of how Tasty can make even the most daunting creations look doable—even a three-layer cake with a smoking centre (thanks to dry ice in a mason jar).

Secret sauce: Using box cake mix and store-bought frosting makes this ambitious undertaking slightly less intimidating.

Tasty’s take: “Almost all of our videos have this element of familiar and new,” says Tasty senior video producer Alvin Zhou. “But the ones that go really viral take those to the extreme. When we create something that hasn’t been invented before and it’s super visual, that’s when things really take off.”

Most Thumbs Ups Received: Creamy Tuscan Chicken

‣ This one’s so popular, a whopping 98 percent of Tasty users say they’d make it again. Take one look at those skillet-seared chicken thighs simmering in a creamy tomato-and-spinach sauce and you’ll understand why.

Secret sauce: Skin-on chicken thighs plus Parmesan make this umami heaven.

Tasty’s take: “We try to provide a new spin on common dishes and ingredients,” says Zhou. Practicality is paramount, he adds. “We think about recipes that people actually want to make at home.”

Most Commented On: Best Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

‣ With more than 2,500 user-submitted tips and 2.5 million video views, this recipe is the most reviewed in Tasty’s history. Watch the first two seconds and see if your mouth isn’t watering.

Secret sauce: Instead of chocolate chips, use semi-sweet and dark chocolate chunks.

Tasty’s take: “Baking is one of the most communal activities—most people don’t make a giant batch of cookies for themselves, though I’m the exception,” says Zhou. “When we have an amazing recipe, we get so many comments that are like, ‘Let’s make this together!’”


    Food videos and recipes