The Best Colouring App? It’s a Draw.

We’ve narrowed the list down to 3. From here it’s up to you.

Colouring, whether in a physical book or on your iPhone or iPad, can help reduce anxiety, provide focus, and lessen stress after a long day. It’s meditation without the Om.

From here in the App Store, you have dozens of colouring apps to choose from. Here are three of our favourites—and why we love them.

Lake: Coloring Books

Lake offers a broad range of illustration styles. Each book includes one free design.

Lake partners with artists to create books with a variety of topics and styles. Simple brushes and palettes make it easy to create something beautiful, whether you’re colouring quirky people, cuddly animals, expressive typography, or abstract shapes. And when you subscribe to Lake, a substantial portion of the proceeds goes directly to the artists—so you can do good in the world while enjoying some me-time.

    Lake: Colouring Books

    Relax & paint the stress away


Tayasui Color

Tayasui Color’s designs were created by Paris-based illustrator Olivia de Bona.

Tayasui Color has a minimalist design but a surprising range of advanced features. This app only offers 12 illustrations and four tools, which keeps you from getting overwhelmed. Tayasui Color also makes helpful use of 3D Touch: Press (rather than tap) a tool icon to adjust its opacity and size; do the same with a colour in your palette and the entire spectrum pops up.

    Tayasui Color

    A relaxing experience


Bloom - Coloring Book

The Mystery Designs section of Bloom uses a colour-by-shape approach. Tap a shape at the bottom of the screen, then tap a section of the drawing to colour it in.

Bloom has a huge library (more than 600 designs, with new ones added every month). The tools in Bloom are especially powerful. The paint bucket quickly fills in an entire section (and always stays within the lines), the crayon adds texture, and the gradient creates depth. The colour wheel includes a vast range of hues, but if you need more, use your iPhone or iPad’s camera to add new ones.