Tools for School Success

Level up your academic life.

Want to start this semester off with an efficiency boost? Try some apps designed to help you get the most out of your time and get the grades you’ve always wanted.

Stay on Schedule

Stay on course with the practical (and pretty) iStudiez Pro. Just link its widget to your Today View to easily keep track of your class schedule. More than a schedule organizer, this app includes clear and clean management tools for assignments, homework, and holidays. This way you know when to hit the books hard, and when you can let loose and play hard. You can try the free Lite version first, which comes with all the crucial functions of the app minus the widget, sync, and backup features.

    iStudiez Pro Legendary Planner

    Win your school battle


Start a Digital Day Planner

A student’s life isn’t just about the books. There are clubs, hobbies, and online classes out there waiting to expand your horizons. But the more you pile on, the more you need proper time management. Sorted³ is a no-hassle app that keeps all your tasks in one tidy place. Plus, the intuitive gesture control makes inputting your plans a breeze.


    Schedule Events Tasks Notes


Mind the Memory Gap

As the old proverb goes, the palest ink is better than the best memory. Effective note-taking is an essential study skill. Find help in the all-in-one Evernote, the utilitarian Bear, or handwritten elegance of Paper. Each makes a great study partner.


    Notes Organizer & Planner



    Private Markdown Notes


    Paper by WeTransfer

    Sketch with confidence


For the Record

Those piles of notes and school papers are not only inconvenient, they’re a pain to search through. Quickly convert them to digital documents with CamScanner. Its features allow you to enhance, organize, and annotate your records to make tracking down important info easy. Then, register for an account to sync backups to the cloud and never lose track of a single page again.

    CamScanner-Scanner to scan PDF

    OCR, Translate & Fax Document


The Final Word

When it comes to doing actual assignments, it’s hard to avoid the big three: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Now you can access this essential trio on your iPhone or iPad with more than 20 different common formats, as well as an expansive template library and other features that offer more freedom to work on docs away from the computer.

    Microsoft Word

    Create and edit documents


    Microsoft Excel

    Spreadsheets and data analysis


    Microsoft PowerPoint

    Create effective presentations


With these apps, you’ll be more productive than ever in the year ahead.