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Everybody has those few snapshots in their camera roll that came out surprisingly well. But most of us just tweak them a bit and share them on social media.

Have you ever wanted to bring your work to the next level? How about entering them in a competition? Or even selling them to an ad campaign?

There are already 20 million photographers looking to do just that right now on EyeEm.

Join a Vibrant Community

EyeEm is pronounced “I am” for a reason. It’s not just calling photography a form of self-expression, but also a place to see photographers.

In 2010, EyeEm’s cofounder organized a photography exhibition in a Berlin subway station.

The community dates back to 2010, when a group of young enthusiasts in Berlin organized a mobile photography competition. They received more than 500 submissions.

Afterward, they came up with the unique idea of turning a subway station into a gallery to make the photos a part of the city’s scenery.

Every year since, the group has held the EyeEm Awards. Plus, they have their own magazine, social network, and the app we want to introduce today: EyeEm.

Endless Streams of Inspiration

This platform was made for photography. It’s filled with creative and thoroughly vetted pictures that will take your breath away. You can browse EyeEm by recommended photographers, and find articles about the latest photography trends, expert tips and tricks, and more inspiring ideas.

While this is all interesting, you may be wondering how it can help you and your fellow amateur photographers. There are a whole bunch of questions you might have, like how can hashtags help your photo get more exposure on social media? What kinds of images require the subject’s permission to use? How do you price your work? On EyeEm, posts written by professionals will answer these questions and more.

Cultivate a professional photography perspective that will inspire your own work.

    EyeEm - Photography

    Make money from your passion