Widget All the Time

Time is a finite resource that, sadly, we often take for granted.

Don’t let any more waste away. Seize the day and get your schedule under control with these time management apps.

Tidy Your To-Do List

Todoist lists all your daily tasks with its clear and easy widget. Once you’ve accomplished one, just tap its corresponding circle to mark it as complete. Its elegant and no-frills design lets you spend less of your precious time flipping through the app and more on getting stuff done.

    Todoist: To-Do List & Tasks

    Productivity Reminders Planner


Track Your Time

How often do you look at the time and say: “Where did the day go?” Most of us need to budget our time better, but few of us have the patience to actually go through with tracking it.

simplifies that tracking. Its widget displays all the tasks you’ve lined up for the day. Just tap one to start recording the time. When you’re done, mark it as complete and take on the next one. It’s a quick way to boost productivity that, fortunately, requires very little patience.

    Timelines Time Tracking

    Track & visualize your time


Set Your Goals in Sight

Long-term goals take focus. But weeks, months, and even years can fly by before you realize you’re no closer to achieving them.

Get motivated and get perspective at the same time with AT. This app gives a simple, linear layout of everything ahead, from approaching deadlines to major life objectives. Perhaps it will be the extra push you need to blaze your way ahead.

    AT - Countdown reminder

    Visual countdown timer