6 cool features in the new Outlook

Because organised email is an organised life.

Microsoft Outlook

Email and calendar


Juggling your work and personal life typically involves an endless toggle between multiple applications, from emails to scheduling to task management.

The newly redesigned Microsoft Outlook app for iPhone and iPad streamlines that. With support for most email accounts, calendars and task management services, it’s an all-in-one solution for keeping up while you’re away from your desk.

Below are our favourite features to facilitate working on the go. With Outlook, you can...

Read what’s really important

Patti and Nestor make the cut for the focused inbox. Mailing lists? Maybe send those to Other.

‣ Outlook divides your emails into two categories: Focused and Other.

The Focused inbox shows the emails that probably require timely replies, leaving mail like shipping confirmations and newsletters to the Other section to be handled later.

And you can help Outlook improve. If you find an important email in Other, select it and tap the ellipsis icon followed by Move to Focused Inbox to teach Outlook what’s important to you.

Search smarter

Nice touch: This email search brings up what you’re searching for before you even type a word.

‣ Tap the magnifying glass on the bottom toolbar. Here you’ll find a mobile-optimised search engine built to find the emails you were looking for.

The search screen lets you see all emails from your frequent contacts with a single tap. You can also swipe through a list of attached files – no need to tap in and out of endless email threads.

Go beyond email

‣ Since email is just one of many tools for communication, Outlook has built-in integrations for Trello, Wunderlist, Evernote and other apps you already use. Convert emails into Trello cards, complete with due dates. Manage Wunderlist items in Outlook’s calendar.

Create notes in Evernote directly from emails. Now, finally, you can orchestrate your to-do lists notes, and project management in the same app.

Make your calendars more interesting

Make sure all the games make it onto your calendar.

‣ Head to Settings, where you’ll find the aptly named Interesting Calendars feature. There, you can add prebuilt calendars for your favourite sports teams and television shows. Never miss another AFL game!

Tell everyone when you’re available (and when you’re not)

With one tap, suggest a time to meet.

‣ Trying to find a good time to meet? Outlook makes it easy. When composing an email, tap the calendar icon that appears above your keyboard to bring up your calendar.

Tap any free time slots and Outlook will format a tidy list for you and insert it into your email. When you hear back, tap the same icon and Convert to Event to make an event with everyone included in the email.

Customise your notifications

‣ Want to hear a Chirp sound whenever you get a personal email, a Chime when you get a work email and a Glossy sound when someone sends an update to your calendar? With Outlook, you have full control over your notifications – so you know what every ping means before you even glance at your screen.

    Microsoft Outlook

    Email and calendar