Adam And The Letter Guardians 4+

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“Adam’s ABC Guardians” is an innovative Educational Games platform that helps children learn English.
Learn to read and write the English alphabet by playing a fun, exciting, and challenging ABC game.

“Adam’s ABC Guardians” utilize proven game mechanics, in order to challenge, engage and motivate children to use and play it, as part of their daily education routine, and by doing so, recognize letters, create words and learn how to read.

A unique educational platformer game that helps children learn English
Includes Alphabet ABC games, letter matching, recognition letters games, and more.
A challenging game that helps children focus on their weak spots and improve their English learning capabilities.
No third party ads! Just pure educational games!
Learn to read English just by playing this kids-oriented platformer game

We believe that by playing fun and joyful platformer games for kids, they have a greater capability of learning and understanding study materials.
These types of educational games for kids are the next generation of ABC learning games, as they enable children to learn English while playing a fun game.

Note to Parents:
When creating Adam’s ABC Games, we aimed to build a top English learning experience for both adults and children. We are parents, and we know how important it is for kids to learn English at an early stage.
We believe both you and your kid will enjoy the game and wish to hear your feedback once completed.
Good luck!


Version 1.2.5

- bug fixes
- avatar skins support


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