This new publication of The Analogous City, an artwork produced by Aldo Rossi, Eraldo Consolascio, Bruno Reichlin and Fabio Reinhart for the Venice Biennale of Architecture in 1976, is part of a museographic installation for the exhibition Aldo Rossi - The Window of the Poet at the Bonnefanten Museum in Maastricht.

The application is part of a museographic installation about The Analogous City, an artwork of Aldo Rossi,
Eraldo Consolascio, Bruno Reichlin and Fabio Reinhart, created for the Venice Biennale of Architecture in 1976. Based on augmented reality, this application works in combination with a reproduction of The Analogous City—available at—displaying the complete references belonging to the collage, on different layers supended over the artwork.
The application is necessary to interact with the digital installation for the exhibition ​Aldo Rossi - The window of the poet, Prints 1973-1997​ taking place at Bonnefanten Museum in Maastricht, at Archizoom EPFL in Lausanne and GAMeC in Bergamo.
By purchasing the reproduction inform of map of the Analogous City published by Archizoom, you can recreate whenever and wherever the interaction of the museum installation. The printed map contains texts by Aldo Rossi, Fabio Reinhart and Dario Rodighiero.
The Analogous City (La Città Analoga) was conceived as a genuine urban project. Its composing elements include among others ​The Drawing of Vitruvius’ city​ by Giovanni Battista Caporali (1536), a drawing of Pleiades Constellation​ by Galileo Galilei (1610), ​David and Goliath,​ a painting by Tanzio da Varallo (ca
1625), the plan of ​San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane​ by Francesco Borromini (1638-1641), the ​Dufour
topographic map​ (1864), the general plan of the chapel of ​Notre Dame du Haut, by Le Corbusier​ (1954), and various architectural projects by Aldo Rossi and his collaborators.
“Between past and present, reality and imagination, the analogous city is perhaps simply the city to be designed day by day, tackling problems and overcoming them, with a reasonable certainty that things will ultimately be better.” – Aldo Rossi about the Analogous City, in Lotus International n. 13 in 1976.
Concept, design and architectural research: Dario Rodighiero, EPFL
Organization: Cyril Veillon, director of Archizoom, EPFL and Ton Quik, exhibition curator at Bonnefanten Museum
Research support: Fabio Reinhart, Beatrice Lampariello, Ton Quik
The map of The Analogous City is a research project by Dario Rodighiero, doctoral assistant at the Digital Humanities Lab (DHLAB) of the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne.


Version 3.0

Some modifications for the MAXII Roma exhibition


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