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Arc Search is the modern, AI-enabled mobile browsing experience you’ve been waiting for —focused on getting you to an answer faster, and without all the clutter of the internet.


Our features BROWSE FOR ME and PINCH TO SUMMARIZE take the heavy lifting out of your search journey. With intuitive AI summarization, Arc Search condenses webpages into concise insights, delivering the perfect answer to any question you have – no more endless scrolling or information overload.


Enjoy an ad-free, distraction-free web experience that's clutter-free (and great for ADHD) with:

- Always-on blocking of ads, trackers, GDPR popups, and banners
- Automatic archiving of inactive tabs to maintain tidiness
- A reader mode that minimizes distractions (great for ADHD)
- A minimalist user interface that subtly complements any website


We're passionate about the internet but not at the cost of compromising your privacy. Arc Search ensures your online activities remain yours alone with advanced private browsing modes, secure tabs, and comprehensive data protection.


From the keyboard-ready start to the ~easter egg~ fidget spinner logo (also great for ADHD), Arc Search delights with its clean UI and thoughtful touches.


Arc Search, crafted with care by The Browser Company, is more than just a browser—it represents a step forward towards a better internet. The Browser Company, based in New York, is a team of friendly individuals committed to improving how we use the internet. After all, the web browser, a tool we use daily for hours, has remained largely unchanged in the past 15 years. This realization led us to develop Arc, a browser that is not just faster but also more personal, focused, and creative. Arc embodies a vision of simplicity, eliminating tab overwhelm and internet clutter to create a more efficient online experience, keeping pace with our increasingly online lives.


- Download Arc for your desktop and sync your browsing experience across devices:
- Learn about our mission and team behind Arc:
- Privacy Policy:
- Terms of Use:


Version 1.17.0

Arc Search Release Notes | V1.17.0

Swipe to Undo Tab Closure: Accidentally closed a tab? Adam's on it! You can now swipe in the opposite direction to reopen the closed tab and pick up right where you left off.

Apple Wallet Pass Download Fix: We resolved an issue where certain Apple Wallet pass download links wouldn't work. Thanks to Adam, we were able to handle more types of downloads for passes.

Fixed Download Bug: Adam fixed a bug where tapping certain types of downloads would sometimes not open the file. Now, you should have reliable access to all file downloads.

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

4.8 von 5
238 Bewertungen

238 Bewertungen

Maximillion82 ,

The best browser period

This is the best browser and one of the top 5 apps you must have on your phone. It’s the first time a browser is so good that it pushed safari out of my dock and default browser setting since 2007 (iPhone 1).

Grigory111 ,

The first true browser innovation in decades!!!

I rarely write reviews but Arc Browser is just so good.
Imagine you need to create a browser from scratch, looking at ways people consume information, use search, etc.

They not just improved what others had; they created something unique. I use it every single time, because it’s just simply more intuitive and more convenient than anything out there. I’ve been a nerd, a year ago tested 8+ browsers to find the one (landed on Vivaldi), but Arc is simply another level.

Congrats to devs, a truly great product that i wish was always there!

hjgz5 ,

Awesome app

This is definitely a new way using the internet. ;)
Love it and having an ipad app would be just perfect.


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