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Philipp Ackermann

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From AR to VR, in one minute: Capture, augment and share rooms as 2D & 3D.

By combining Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies, the ARchi VR app makes it easy to measure rooms, add user-generated content, and automatically generate 2D floor plans, 3D models as well as VR experiences.
・Scan a room using Augmented Reality
・Capture floor, walls, doors and windows
・Capture zones, interiors, and equipments
・Augment spaces with user-generated content
・Add pictures, videos, text panels and voice messages
・Add 3D objects from downloadable catalogs
・Reopen captured rooms on-site in AR
・View captured room as 2D floor plan
・View captured room as 3D model
・Merge multiple rooms to one space
・Walk through captured spaces in a VR experience
・Share your floor plan as SVG image
・Share your 3D models as WebVR, OBJ, or IFC/BIM
・Share rooms between your iOS devices via iCloud
・Explore curated AR presentations
・Declaratively create and publish AR content


Version 2.91

・Instant AR mode (skipping floor and wall detection)
・Capture photo, screenshot, video or photo sequence within AR view
・Enhanced "declARe" functions for scripting AR experiences
・Bug fixes

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

JohnBurma ,

This app doesn’t work

Just after having displayed the msg “point camera to the floor”, the app bugs and display only a steady picture.

Entwickler-Antwort ,

In the new version 1.4 of ARchi VR this bug should be solved.

bari1337 ,

Worked only for 2 rooms. Now camera stuck after 2s.

Hello mr Ackermann
Very nice app. I was quite impressed, how good it can work. The GUI is very good.
Unfortunately after i tried it with 2 rooms the camera began to stuck after around 2 seconds. I tried to reinstall the app but still the same.
I use iPhone 7 with iOS 12.3.1.


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