The Brayden Online App works in-conjunction with the Brayden Pro adult CPR manikin and the Brayden Baby Pro infant CPR manikin. The App was developed with guidance from leading global resuscitation experts and follows the current Guidelines issued by the American Heart Association (AHA) and the European Resuscitation Council (ERC). Evidence suggests that good quality CPR performed promptly on an individual suffering a cardiac arrest (together with early defibrillation) helps improve patient survival.

The App allows healthcare professionals (and others with a duty to respond) to practice and perfect their adult and infant CPR skills via intuitive real-time feedback. This includes the key CPR competencies such as chest compression depth, rate and recoil, hand/finger position, hands off time (or Chest Compression Fraction (CCF)). The App also provides ventilation performance feedback (volume, rate/frequency and speed). Ventilation feedback is especially important for infant resuscitation and the Brayden Online App allows for the current differing algorithm requirements for the AHA and the ERC.

The App allows trainees to practice with real-time feedback to help guide them as well as take assessments without guidance. The numeric objective feedback provided after training is comprehensive, designed to be easy and quick to understand and covers all the key CPR competencies required to perform high quality CPR. An overall score is provided and performance across eight key competencies is intuitively presented to easily identify strengths and weaknesses.

Additional in-depth analysis is provided for each key CPR competency performed together with performance over multiple cycles of CPR. This is especially useful for reviewing performance changes over prolonged periods of CPR.


Version 1.3

- fix app update popup issue
- re-connect automatically the mannequins after unexpected disconnection


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