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pro Fit is used for publication-ready graphs of data and mathematical functions, and to efficiently process data, evaluate experimental results, and analyze how mathematical models can explain those results. It also includes a full-featured drawing editor for technical drawings, which can be added to to many different kinds of plots (scatter, line, contour, color, histograms). For graphs, it has as an interacting interface that supports directly editing all settings (such as axes ranges, labels, colors, line styles, etc.) via direct point-and-click.

With built-in compatibility with LaTeX and Python, which is used to for user-defined functions and models, pro Fit provides easy and rapid access to plotting and data analysis. It has a bunch of predefined, customizable algorithms for nonlinear regression and curve fitting, the pre-eminent methods to check if data is compatible with a theoretical model and to extract information from measurements.

in pro Fit, data sets are imported into dedicated data windows that support a number of data-transformation options and can be directly accessed from user scripts. A special preview window allows immediate visualization of data and functions, providing an easy way to rapidly see how a function changes when anyone of its parameters are modified. Powerful nonlinear regression and curve fitting algorithms are available to identify the parameter values that best describe observations. Using your mouse to drag function curves to match data in the dedicated preview window is a direct graphical way to identify optimum initial parameter values for subsequent curve fitting.

All graphs and plots are automatically embedded into a general drawing document that supports images, text, and vector graphics with a number of predefined shapes and drawing tools. Any photo, picture, or pdf figure can be imported into a drawing, and equations or other pieces of text can be written with a text editor, or using the LaTeX typesetting language. In this way lots of useful information can be quickly added to the graphs produced from data and functions, which themselves can be easily edited by point and click. The resulting drawings are publication-quality and can be exported as high quality PDF or in a number of other formats.

pro Fit fully supports Python 3 for defining any kind of mathematical function, in addition to a simpler pascal-like language. Any Python function can be immediately visualized in pro Fit's preview window or used for curve-fitting, plotting, or other types of analysis. pro Fit is also scriptable in Pascal, Python, and Apple Script, so that repetitive tasks can be automated.


Version 7.1.8

Fixed an instability that slipped into the 7.1.7 release. Further compatibility with macOS 14 Sonoma.

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