THIS FREE APP IS A COPY OF OUR ORIGINALLY RELEASED "ECONOMY PICKING GUITAR SCHOOL" APP, BUT WITH ABILITY TO SEPARATELY BUY EXERCISE PACKS AT YOUR CHOICE. Now everyone will be able to buy what he needs for training, which will save your money. Updates will be released as for the new free app, so for the old paid app.

All packs except Guitar Tunings you can see and hear the detailed use of pick technique (Economy Picking).

1) Go to Exercise Picker by tapping exercise's name in the middle of the top bar;
2) From picker, select pack you wish to buy;
3) Go inside selected pack by tapping in the middle of the picker or by tapping Play button;
4) Pack contents will open with "Buy this folder" button at the right. Tap on this button.
5) Window will appear that will ask you to enter you Apple ID login and password. 


Free Pack contains 6 exercises, which were taken from the other packs for your reference.

Guitar Tunings Pack contains 6 variants for tuning your guitar. You can download this pack for free.

Base Licks Pack contains 36 licks. These are the basics, which all the next packs are based on. Price $2.99

Diatonic Seq Pack contains 20 sequences. Price $1.99

Neo-classic Seq Pack contains 18 neo-classic sequences built on arpeggios. Price $5.99

Diatonic Modes Seq Pack contains 28 sequences built on diatonic modes. Price $6.99

Quartal Diatonic Seq Pack contains 9 sequences built on Quartal chords. Price $3.99

Mixodiatonic Seq Pack contains 8 sequences built on a combination of different diatonics. Price $0.99

Pentatonic Seq Pack is the most popular material, and contains 29 exercises and sequences. Price $4.99

Tetratonic Ex Pack contains 8 exercises. Price $0.99

Modal Ex Pack contains 21 exercise built on different modes. Price $3.99

Interval Ex Pack contains 14 exercises built on different intervals. Price $1.99

Arpeggio Ex Pack contains 37 exercises based on different arpeggios. Price $6.99

Bitonal Arpeggio Seq Pack contains 8 sequences, which consist of two different arpeggio. Price $1.99

Open String Seq Pack contains 8 sequences which utilize open strings. You can make a transposition by tapping round notes on the screen and dragging them left or right along the fretboard. Price $0.99

Diminished Seq Pack contains 13 sequences built on a diminished mode. Price $3.99

Dominant Diminished Seq Pack contains 64 sequences built on a dominant diminished mode. Price $11.99

Whole-tone Seq Pack contains 32 sequences built on a whole-tone mode. Price $5.99

Augmented Seq Pack contains 21 sequences built on an augmented mode. Price $3.99

Chromatic Seq Pack is the most popular, contains 33 sequences built on a chromatic mode. Price $5.99

Tritone Mode Seq contains 12 sequences. Price $2.99

Messiaen 3 Mode Seq contains 13 sequences based on Messiaen 3 mode. Price $2.99.

●●● Economy picking technique is a combination of Sweep picking and Alternate picking technique. Sweep picking is a technique that allows guitarists to play exercises rapidly by picking two or more strings in the same direction (up or down) with a single stroke. Alternate picking is a guitar playing technique that employs strictly alternating down and up picking strokes in a continuous run. The aim is to minimize movement in the right hand, in contrast with alternate-picking technique.

Here is a brief list of guitarists, who used to apply EP technique in their songs: Tosin Abasi, Frank Gambale, Yngwie Malmsteen, Les Paul, Eric Johnson, Jan Akkerman, Chet Atkins, Vinnie Moore, Michael Angelo. Modern metal style guitarists: Zakk Wylde, Paul Gilbert, Bruce Bouillet, Jason Becker, Marty Friedman, Richie Kotzen.

By having this app, you will not need to buy a numerous guitar video lessons. This app is also giving you a material to learn rhythm (3/4, 9/4, 5/4 measures etc), as well as musical theory material (modes, arpeggio, sequences).

There's no analogue in App Store!!!

iOS 5.1.1 and up compatible


Version 1.4

This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate.

● Bug fixed which caused app to crash sometimes under iOS 8.3;
● minor improvements.

● Metronome precount feature added when you tap Play/Stop button. You can switch it off or adjust its parameters from the Settings page;
● 6 new exercises added.


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