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Fyooz is a platform, where people can participate in the growth and success of artists, athletes, brands, talents and more. There are no limits to the imagination.

We like to think of Fyooz as a way to separate true fans from passive followers and turn them into active supporters. Simply imagine that you have an app in your phone, that allows you to not only like and follow people. It allows you to support these people and ideas by fusing with their individual tokens.

• Give your support to talents, athletes, brands, and more. There are almost no boundaries when it comes to the different genres you can support on our App. It could be your favorite musician or a brand you really like. With your support you can help them grow and reach their goals!

• When the token you support gains more popularity, it might become even more valuable. You can now accompany your treasured brands on their journey.

• Your support can give you exclusive benefits. For example: You could get a pre-listening of your favorite singers’ new track or you could receive access to special experiences by a brand you believe in.

• Trade your tokens - easy, in real time and with just one swipe.

• With your attention and support you can define the values of our time. Explore the platform and find out what is popular and who is trending.

• Every Token has its own token card, where you can find all it’s information.

• Included is a built in wallet function, where users can store their tokens.

Stars, brands and movements have many fans and followers, but who appreciates them most? Quite simple: those who believe in them. Those who see a future in them. And above all, those who support them. No wonder that many of the stars on Fyooz are happy to reward you with more direct contact, more commitment, more love.

With Fyooz, you have access to the world and to everything you are passionate about.


Version 1.2.7

Just released - and better than ever!

This version includes:
• Direct UNISWAP connection for tokens traded via UNISWAP
• General bug fixes and performance improvements

If you notice anything not working as expected, please contact us at support@fyooz.io.

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

4.8 von 5
20 Bewertungen

20 Bewertungen

Dominic_Luethi ,

Time for new

Innovative idea of you folks! Greets, D & M.

tokyonaut ,


Fan club and investment opportunity come here in a package. Cool idea, hope there are more stars available soon!

debi0007 ,


Finally a way to support and invest in whatever you like or believe in. Thank you.


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