Gestchat is an iPhone messaging keyboard that focuses on supporting and improving your emotional communication. Ever receive a text, instant message, or email that immediately left you feeling consumed with your emotions such as angry, sad, or annoyed? Getting your point across in a timely manner during emotionally-charged conversations means having access to the right tools at the right time. Sometimes, emojis convey a lot more meaning than words, but taking the time to find the perfect emojis means having to sift through hundreds of them just to find the right ones in order to get your point across. This not only takes too long but can also be very frustrating to say the least. Don't let your emotions get buried underneath all of the emotional miscommunication like sarcastic comments and jokes, that often arises while using technology-mediated systems. Let Gestchat help you to better express yourself.

We're assuming you're not a robot, so Gestchat is centered around what are considered to be universal human emotions: happy, angry, sad and so on. The keyboard is sorted into these moods, providing quick access to emojis related to each of these emotions. By tapping the mood you're in, you instantaneously have access to all the relevant emojis so that you can express your feelings accordingly.

Sometimes time is of the essence, and we must reply to a message ASAP. But we might not have any time to write something ourselves or simply, we just don't know how to respond. That's where Gestchat gestures come in. By making a simple gesture, you get instantaneous access to relevant emojis and keywords to your mood. The suggested keywords have been carefully crafted based on several years of research.

Stop wasting your precious time scrolling through numerous screens of all the emojis. Figure out what mood you're in, select it, and start or carry on a conversation with all the emojis you'll ever need perfectly sorted for you.

Gestchat allows you to become more in-tune with your emotional state, which in turn helps you to understand your feelings better, so that you can quickly and more effectively communicate what you're feeling with more ease.

Leave the guessing of a message behind with the frustration-free communication features of Gestchat. The power of expression awaits you.

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Version 1.0.3

Minor bug fixes.


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