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The Condair’s Humidity Checker App enables anyone to:

1) check the HEALTHY AND PROTECTIVE HUMIDITY levels required for good indoor air quality,
2) calculate HOW MUCH WATER NEEDS TO BE ADDED into the air to reach the healthy range i.e. between 40-60%RH.

Enter your current indoor temperature and relative humidity. Simple traffic light colors will indicate how your indoor climate is doing and whether corrective actions are needed.
FIX IT! Enter your indoor space parameters to calculate the amount of water needed to increase the humidity to healthy levels.

The App reflects the latest scientific evidence and industry’s expert calculation formulas, easily applied to your specific conditions.
Indoor humidity is typically lowest during the cold winter months, when the heating is on. It gets usually critically low at higher altitudes.
Be it in your own home, at your workplace, in your school’s rooms, in the hotel you manage, etc. the 40-60% relative humidity is optimal for:

- occupants’ respiratory immune system’s defenses function (to capture, remove and fight pathogens)
- effective reduction of airborne infection (induces aerosols’ size transformation and virus inactivation)
- the overall health, wellness and mental performance of the occupants
- the preservation of wood flooring, furniture, valuable art, instruments and wine collections

Monitor and record the indoor temperature and humidity levels regularly, using a hygrometer. It will typically provide a %RH value, which means % relative humidity.


Version 1.1

Enter your room data and calculate the amount of water needed to increase the humidity to healthy levels.


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