Why is ID Guard Offline password manager more trustworthy?

- We have been developing a large number of verifiable security technologies instead of "Please trust the developers".
- We have been consistently improving the security of the app, instead of always saying "The UI has been updated again, again and again".
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-【Security Chip Protection】ID Guard Offline protects stored passwords with security chip, the same chip used by smartphone wallet to protect payment cards. Even if the encrypted data is stolen by means of app clone or phone backup, or the set master password is leaked, your passwords will not be disclosed. (Want to know more about it? Check the article on our website)

-【Use it Offline】Your passwords are only saved on your phone, not uploaded to cloud server. Using the app completely offline can help prevent ad tracking and stop the Internet from leaking passwords.

-【Explicit iOS guards】ID Guard Offline adopts keychain service accessing with biometric authentication protection. Whenever accessing the passwords, iOS will automatically prompt you for biometric authentication. You can also set master password to add an extra layer of protection.

AES-256, PBKDF2? Of course! And we do far more than these industry-standard technologies.


-【Account Templates】Hundreds of account templates, including Apple ID, Capital One, Nintendo, etc., can be used to hold all sorts of security information you can ever think of, such as recovery keys and security Q&A. Some templates also have security tips.

-【Payment Card Template】As long as you enter the card number, ID Guard Offline can automatically identify the card issuer, card organization and so on. It is easier than ever to store payment card information.

-【Autofill Login】Only 2 taps to fill in your username and password on websites or apps easily and securely.

-【Secure Desktop Filling】As simple as scanning QR code to log in. (Much more safer than other desktop password managers. Check the article on our website)

-【Find Back Master Password】What if you forgot the master password of your password manager? Can't access your data anymore? Don't worry, ID Guard Offline allows you to ask a friend to help unlock it. (This design is totally safe. Check the article on our website)

-【OTP Authenticator】ID Guard Offline integrates OTP authenticator to facilitate 2FA. You can keep passwords and OTPs in just one record. Have a hard experience to migrate Google Authenticator to your new phone? Use ID Guard Offline!

-【Password Generator】, 【Password Meter】, 【Custom Account Tags】, 【Custom Account Logos】, 【Saving Attachments】, 【Backup & Restore】, etc. are all available in ID Guard Offline.

- [PRO] Save up to 1000 accounts.
- [PRO] Bind up to 5 desktop browser extensions.
- [PRO] Use all templates.
- [PRO] Add custom tags.
- [PRO] Add custom logos.
- [PRO] Add custom fields: password, note, attachment, and OTP.

More innovative technologies and features will continue to be launched. Stay tuned!

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Version 2021.12

Se­cu­ri­ty Im­prove­ments:
- Update account security templates: TD Ameritrade, Ctrip, WhatsApp, Nord Security, CTemplar, Coinbase, Binance, Unstoppable Wallet, Edge Wallet, Monero
- Support importing Chrome and Firefox CSV files zipped with AES-256 encryption method. The zip file should be named "".

Per­mis­sion Changes: NO

- Allow pinning tags on Tags bar.


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