Intercultural Design Basics 17+

Susanne P. Radtke

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Intercultural Design Basics offers a global and innovative approach to design education, highlighting diverse cultural insights while discussing basic design, typography and color theory.

This educational app ensures relevance and flexibility for a young technology-minded target group. It is visually and auditorily intriguing and engaging by using
· augmented reality (visual input in 3D space),
· videos (interviews with designers, workshops and animations),
· galleries and slideshows (learning – step by step) and
· games (learning by doing).

Learning about design remains playful and motivating using a variety of teaching methods. Creative work by designers from Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia expands the reader’s horizons.

The app inspires international team collaboration, with practical methods to foster cultural and social awareness, encourage varied design styles, and create an appreciation of cultural diversity.

The content of this app was developed by Susanne P. Radtke, a professor for Graphic and Media Design at Ulm University of Applied Sciences, Germany. She is an author of design textbooks and has been developing and running intercultural design workshops, mainly in Southeast Asia and the USA for many years. Radtke has vast experience in international design education.

This app was developed with the help of funding as a research project. Its purpose is to provide education in the design field at low cost. This may change if the service and maintenance costs for the app increase.


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