KS Fit is an app that helps you intelligently manage your fitness equipment. You can easily manage the fitness equipment of KingSmith you own, so every device of KingSmith will become a member of your family and also a good partner of your family.

Also, KS Fit can show your weekly exercise data clearly. And tailor different training programs for you according to your exercise situations, which can help you develop a more scientific and healthy running habit. During completing the weekly plan, you can also learn more running knowledge and scientific running methods.

And, you can choose to sync your exercise data (running distance, steps, calories) to the Apple Health app now. In "Mine" - > "Settings" - > "Data sharing" - > "Apple health" of KS Fit app, select "Share" and give KS Fit permission to synchronize sports data to Apple Health app through HealthKit.


Version 3.5.23

-Bug fix.

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8 Bewertungen

polylexi ,


After the update, the clock sometimes simply stops counting even though the treadmile still runs. I use the treadmile every day and sometimes the app just doesn‘t count the km. So there is still a lot of room for the App improvments here!

Entwickler-Antwort ,

If the clock stops again, please feedback in Help Center of the app. Thank you.

p_chappuis ,

Don't buy Kingsmith !!!!

KingSmith takes users hostage with this application. It asks for a phone number in China for validation. The application is the only one that allows the use of Walkingpad R1. I ordered a WalkingPad from china to europe. The seller sent the WP R1 without warning that this model is only for china.
It is the seller in China who is responsible. He should have delivered a WP R1 pro!
Users should not buy Kingsmith out of China because this policy punishes the final customer!!! I hope Kingsmith will change its policy for the better!
I tried to buy from the official website but the product is sold, impossible to buy. I bought from an official seller at the maximum price of Walkingpad. Your answer is not customer friendly!!!

Entwickler-Antwort ,

Sorry for the trouble. You can return it and buy R1 Pro from our official store www.walkingpad.com

Aras Rocha ,

Working really nice (Model No: TRR1F/ TRR1F PRO)

I am in Switzerland and bought on the site Galaxus.ch the “KingSmith WalkingPad R1”. The app works BUT!!!!: when you open the App the first thing you need to do it’s to change the Region to your country or else it’s always the region China (it’s on the top of the image). In my case (Switzerland) it only ask you to create a e-mail and password (no phone number). Hope it helps :)


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