This App is made for you to insert lap time into your movie.

[How to use]:
1. Previously you need movie and lap time.
2. Start App and push [Select Movie] button.
3. Select a movie from your device.
4. Press [FPS] button and select frame per second of the output movie. You can select 10, 20 or 30. Default FPS is 10.
5. Press [Type] button and select the type of movie's orientation. You can select vertical or horizontal.
6. Using frame control buttons(>,>>), move to the start frame of starting lap time.
The ">" button makes one frame step and the">>" button makes 10 frames step.
7. Press [Set start frame] button at the start frame.
8. Press [Input] icon located below of the window to move to input page.
9. Input lap time. You can input 4 sets of lap time.
10. Press [Movie] icon located below of the window to move to movie page.
11. Press [Start] button located top of the window. Then making of output movie will be started.
12. After disappering [Now saving..] message, you can check the movie adding lap time.

>The length of movie must be in about 2 minutes. (not support for long movie)

A third party can not use the result without permission of who in pictures.
We assume no responsibility or liability for any actions taken as a result of using this Application, or for errors or omissions in content.


Version 2.1.1

Tested by iOS11.2.1


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