Pole vaulting is a complex event with many different elements that require many split second decisions and adjustments. One of the most confusing but important decisions coaches and athletes have to make is what pole is needed in order to jump the highest. The Pole Calculator takes the guess work out of your decision by using a mathematical formula established by decades of ‎elite, Olympic, and even world record level vaulting. The Pole Calculator takes input factors such as pole length, grip height, landing depth, and amount of pole bend and interprets them by giving you the exact length, stiffness and grip height for the next pole. Safety is the most important factor in The Pole Calculator. The Pole Calculator will not just recommend the next stiffer pole, but takes into account all the information and will actually suggest smaller poles if indicated to prioritize safety and efficiency. The pole that causes a landing in the safe zone of the pit is also the pole that will allow for the highest jump.


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