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Do you have a closet full of clothes, but don't know what to wear? Let Personal Outfit Planner help you get dressed to impress.

A Closet full of Clothes – and still don't put anything on?
It is often the same in the Life of a fashion-conscious Woman, if not every Morning: You stand in front Of your (over) full wardrobe and still have no Shimmer As to what to wear. You probably don't want to know how many Hours (or Days?!) of your precious Lifetime you've already wasted on such a banal Subject as dressing.
Keeping track of one's Own Garments alone is sometimes a Challenge: Women have an Average of 118 Individual Pieces (without Underwear and Socks). So remembering all The Treasures-especially the Parts that were bought a long Time ago-is almost impossible. And again and again this Moment comes when you rediscover your "old" favourite Blouse at the Very back of the Wardrobe and you realize: Too bad, I could have used the Blouse well recently.
Do You Know this Problem?
It's High Time to take a closer look at your Current Wardrobe and peel out the true Potential. Fashion inspirations from and with your own Wardrobe!
The Only Requirement: You are stylish and suitably good and versatile in your Wardrobe. If so, then you should definitely read on to find out how you can answer the daily Question "what am I attracting today?" In a very simple way and in No Time with the help of your App. When moving on and Moving daily, only Daily Form, occasion, Weather or simply your Mood should guide you. Everything else will be done by the POP app for you in the future.


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