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As seen in The Sunday Times and as featured by Apple as 'What's Hot'.

This hypnotherapy app teaches you how to take yourself into self-hypnosis, which is a very relaxed state, and where you can also motivate yourself to achieve your goals.

The process of taking yourself into a very relaxed state, known as self-hypnosis, is a very simple one and does not require any magic!

You know about being relaxed already. It is a feeling you might have just before falling asleep or when you have just woken up, or possibly when daydreaming in the middle of the day. As with any other skill you will find you get better with practice.

Here is a reminder of the steps involved:

- Decision to do self-hypnosis
- Find somewhere comfortable, feet flat on the floor or lying down, phones off
- Deep breath in, allow eyes to close as you breathe out
- Next breath out, say "one" silently to yourself
- Next breath out, say "deeply relaxed" silently to yourself
- And so on, until you reach the number 10
- Give yourself positive beneficial suggestions about your goals, health etc, repeating each one 10 times
- Or just enjoy the feeling of relaxation
- When you are ready to emerge, count back from 10 to one and then open your eyes

This app also offers the option to purchase additional sessions from the hypnotherapist Patrick Browning available as in-app purchases, including:

- Childbirth river imagery
- Forgetting to blush when public speaking
- Forgiveness imagery and letting go of resentment
- Immune system imagery for people with cancer
- Letting headache go using imagery
- Relax and motivate yourself to reach your goal using self-hypnosis
- Relax and overcome fear of flying
- Relax into sleep with self-hypnosis
- Relaxation and motivation for GCSE students preparing for exams
- Taking control of your weight by changing your eating habits
- Use self-hypnosis to motivate yourself and to use special place imagery
- Control your alcohol intake
- Stop eating chocolate
- Take regular exercise
- Hypnotic poetry I
- Stop biting your nails
- Control your IBS
- Hypertension
- Let migraine go
- Let go of anxiety
- Gain self-confidence
- Panic attacks
- Worry time
- Weight management
- Bulimia nervosa
- Glove anaesthesia
- IBS daily imagery practice
- IBS imagery (diarrhoea)
- Inner sanctuary
- Relax in your garden
- Tamoxifen and hot flushes

For updates and to register your interest in a future app please follow Patrick Browning at

Reviews of the app

Sally Brampton, The Sunday Times
"And Relax...
Many people find hypnotherapy a powerful tool, not simply for cracking addictions, but also as a way to calm a racing mind. But, let's face it, it is expensive. Self-hypnosis is equally powerful, but best learnt from an expert. Patrick Browning, a member of the faculty of the Institute for Clinical Hypnosis and a fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, has produced an app. His voice is so soothing and I was so relaxed, I was almost comatose."

This app really helps me sleep (5 stars - UK store)
by VikingFish71

"I'm usually a real cynic about these types of apps. But I have to say that I've never felt so relaxed in my entire life and the sleep lesson made me go to sleep and I never heard the end of the session as i was fast asleep snoring!! Don't be old cynic like me and just give it a go and I promise you will feel so so relaxed."


Patrick Browning is a Clinical Hypnotherapist practising in Kensington in London. He has a general practice and is able to help clients with a wide range of issues where they are seeking change. He is on the Faculty of the Institute of Clinical Hypnosis and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine.

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