Sharify is a free city social network app to discover and share what is happening here and now in your city. Share, discover and connect: Sharify offers both locals and tourists the way to share life in the city in an easier way.

Events in the area:
• Looking for what to do this afternoon in the city? With Sharify, you can discover it quickly and easily through the live city map.

People who want to share moments:
• Whether it's going to run, new exhibit at the museum, take a few afterwork beers, walk the dog or go to the movies, you can join the events of other users or create your own.

Connect with your neighbors, hobbies and other groups:
• Stay in touch with people in the city with the same hobbies, neighborhoods and groups. If you miss any group, ask us what you need.

Available worldwide. New events in Barcelona and Madrid.

In only three clicks:
• Sharify is a city social network where you can share any plan in just three clicks: what, when and where.

• Thousands of events in your city.
• Re-communicate in real life in an easy and fun way.
• Meet like minded people who want to do the same activity nearby.

All functions:
• Events: create, modify, participate.
• Users: know, add, chat.
• Smart City Map: view the city events in real time.

Neighborhoods, Hobbies and City Communities:
• Keep in touch with people in cities such as Barcelona with the same hobbies, neighbourhoods and groups of the city:

Neighborhoods communities
Surf community
Musicians community
International community
Dog Lovers community
Football community
Yoga community
Runners community

Other communities are available in the App, if you miss any group, ask us the one you want.

If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us through the email: hello@sharifyapp.com.


Terms of use:

Privacy policy:


Version 1.15.1

Hey, Sharies! We're constantly updating Sharify with great new features! In this update we bring you...
* Tourist mood: +1000 new events! Go to the filter and activate the filter mood.
* Online plans: Create and discover online plans
* New menu: Go to the discovery section to find a new menu!
Don’t forget to leave your 5 stars if you like it.


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