Better holiday snaps

The dream: to take beautiful photos of you and your travel buddies at a scenic spot to treasure forever.

The reality: said dream is hampered by the following things: 1. Throngs of selfie-stick-armed tourists trying to get their own memorable photo in the exact same place. 2. An awkward-looking pose. 3. A dull overcast day.

Taking amazing pics for your holiday album shouldn’t be a stress fest. These apps will help you remove those photo-bombers, strike a great pose and make the sky blue (yes, really).

Now you see it… now you don’t

Finding somewhere untrodden by other tourists is as tricky as landing on the moon. But even if you can’t always avoid the masses, with TouchRetouch you can at least make it appear like you’ve got the place to yourself.

Use the Object Removal tool to wipe away nuisances like photo-bombers, lamp posts or overhead power lines. All you need to do is mark the unwanted distractions onscreen, tap GO and you’re instantly left with only the things you want in your shot.

Getting rid of the bits and pieces in your photo that you don’t want to see is like magic.


    Entwirr deine Fotos


Where’s the blue sky?

Unlucky with the weather? No problem, we know a genie-like app that can make those snaps as clear as a bright summer’s day.

Change your backdrop to a radiant sunset or a twinkling LA-inspired nightscape, say, thanks to Picnic’s filter library. Then it’s simply a matter of tweaking the composition to achieve the final look, and that’s it – you’ll have a photo that does justice to the location where you took it, even if the weather wasn’t cooperating on the day.

For the best effects, choose compositions with a clearly defined sky segment.

    PICNIC - Weather Genie Photo

    Die geniale Wetterkamera mit


Awkward no more

Never know how to pose when it comes time to say “cheese”? If like us you often end up with an overly enthusiastic jazz hands situation, SOVS2 can help steer things to a cooler place.

Pick a pose from an array of templates to suit the occasion and the number of people in the shot, and a silhouette overlay will appear in the camera frame, showing you exactly where you need to be for the picture you want.

Find the perfect pose for the perfect pic.

    SOVS2 - Pose Camera

    Don't explain, just SHOW it!


Leave no one behind

It’s usually the best photographers among family and friends who end up missing from group shots because they’re the ones behind the camera.

Correct this with Photo Timer+. With timers of varying lengths and the option to set up multiple shots simultaneously, no one has to miss out on being part of a memorable moment.

A great trip together? Have something great to show for it!


    Snap Multiple Photos on Delay