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ClickThai is the first Thai-English dictionary on smartphones especially made for foreigners. That means all Thai words are set-to-sound with a clear studio-recorded human voice, with the highest speech intelligibility for every syllable. It also has a clear transcription to guide you to a perfect pronouncing. Sound and transcription is available for more Thai words than in any other dictionary on the smartphone market.
You can search for English and for Thai words. You can also input a word in transcription mode as you heard it and find the correct Thai word together with its English meaning. So, if you type “talat” in transcription mode, it will show you the Thai word for “market” and all other words containing “talat”, i.e. the fish market, the flower market, and the floating market.
Same for a search in Thai or English mode: you will find not only the word you entered, but also those words which contain the search term and also short words that are contained in the search term.
All data including the sound files are offline available. No Internet connection required.

If you do not recognize the individual words in a Thai sentence because of the lack of interspacing, you can hardly look-up in the dictionary. Our Word-By-Word-Translation decomposes a Thai sentence into individual words and offers the translation for every word in the right order. You can pass a received Thai-SMS or Email to the program and easily get an inkling of what it is.
A dictionary needs a huge vocabulary or this function; otherwise the text will be too fragmented. ClickThai has the needed vocabulary!

If you are preparing for a particular situation and want to put a few words on a place, to which you can access quickly, then the new memo function is exactly right for you.
You can calmly search for the needed words at home and save them with a tap at the memo button. Together with all the information found on the dictionary, including Thai script, transcription, English meaning, and sound.

Search Result Order:
In most cases you will not find a one-to-one translation. Maybe many words are suitable for what you are searching. Don’t be worry! Even if you get a long search results list, the most common words are on top of the list. Check the first three or four results based on the detailed description and take that word which best suits your requirements.

ClickThai has much more than the basic vocabulary. Many terms from different disciplines are included, i.e. Computer and Technics, Law, Insurance, Math, Geography, Geology, Biology, Medicine, and many more. If you search any word, you should find it. That`s the policy of ClickThai.
At the moment, we have
88,500+ Thai words, 99% provided with sound)
72,000+ English words
65,000+ Transcription words
Together more than 200.000 entries (only for comparison because others only specify this value)
The vocabulary is constantly being expanded. We will provide at least one big update every year. That’s free for lifetime.


Versión 4.7

Extended Vocabulary. Screen update for Darkmode.

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