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L.E.D. Lab is the quickest, easiest, most powerful way to drive your LED display! Custom programming is no longer required to get up-and-running. It is ideal for artists, professional display designers, architects, VJs, lighting designers, hobbyists, and anyone wanting to add a little animated color to their sculpture, art car, home, business or wardrobe.

L.E.D. Lab allows you to create a list of Scenes, which can be played back in order or shuffled. There are currently two kinds of Scenes:
● Pictures Scene - A montage of still images, videos, and live camera feeds is designed. The position, velocity, rotation, size, and coloring of each picture can be animated. You can use your own photos and videos, and the iPad camera. Rendering to odd-shaped displays is made possible with photographically-generated map files.
● Strips Scene - Particles of color are sent down each strip. The velocity, hue, saturation, and brightness of each particle can be animated.

Other features include:
● Music - Create lists of Tracks. Each track plays a song from your music library, along with any number of Scenes. You can elaborately choreograph a song, or let the Scenes play in random order.
● Audio Reactivity - Any animatable parameter may be controlled by the amplitude of audio in a specified frequency range.
● External Control - Any animatable parameter may be controlled by MIDI, DMX, ArtNet, or OSC.
● Color Keying - An image, video file, or live video feed can be made selectively transparent, making it easy to mix in with other images.
● Tiling - Any image, video file, or live video feed can be tiled in any or all directions, with adjustable spacing and fade-out.
● Display Modes - Editing can be performed with or without the LEDs connected. The editing UI can also be hidden, allowing operation in a "kiosk" mode.

So what kind of LED display can you make with L.E.D. Lab? Some Examples:

Any iOS device can be used to play Scene Lists. An iPad is best for full editing.

L.E.D. Lab works with the following LED controllers:
● PixelPusher (our favorite)
● Art-Net
● sACN
● DDP/Minleon/TekLights
● RGB-123
● FadeCandy/FCServer
● OpenPixel
It can also display to an external monitor or projector, serving as a VJ app.

Extensive help information is provided for the rich user-interface:
● Help Explorer - Displays help text for any knob, slider, button, popup, list, or view inside a magnifying glass you drag around the screen. (See this in the last screen shot.)
● Help Topics - Little chapters to read about some of the more detailed functionalities.
● Help Tutorials


Versión 2.02

• Mapping has been thoroughly re-worked - faster, higher quality, more options

• You can now make a Compound Map, a map which is made from any number of Map Files, each positioned, sized, flipped, and rotated individually. This is very useful for
A) displaying the same image on both sides of a vehicle
B) stitching together a number of optically-created maps made for different sections of an LED display that's too large to map in a single Map File
C) combining maps made from all sides of a 3D display

• The Edit Map screen now allows you to add and delete new strips and LEDs freely. You can link a sequence of LEDs so that they always stay in a straight line as you move the ends around. Basically, you can now create a Map by hand!

• Cleaned up the Strips/Picture paradigm in the Mapping Setup Screen. There is now only Virtual Strips and the Map. You can now use Virtual Strips with Rectangular Panels maps.

• There are more options when specifying simple horizontal or vertical mapping.

• You've always been able to use a Strips Scene in a Picture in a Pictures Scene. Now you can embed Pictures Scenes as well, to any level of nesting. This is dramatically powerful, particularly when used with Tiling.

• When driving ArtNet or sACN controllers, you can now use UDP broadcasting to send all data to all controllers, in the style of traditional DMX setups.

• Fixed two bugs introduced in version 2.0


Christopher Schardt
26.4 MB

Requiere iOS 8.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.



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  1. LED Artist Pack $54.900
  2. VJ Pack $72.900
  3. Authoring $45.900


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