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Post Up in Opa and start experiencing the world anew. Never miss another connection or moment of opportunity #SayNoToFOMO! Who? What? When? Where? Why? See what’s happening nearby and around the world - unfiltered and unedited - with contextual, location based live-streaming and chat. Need a quiet place to study? Barhopping on a night out with friends? Maybe you want to scope the scene before heading to the home-game? New to town or just visiting? Date night? Bite to eat? Shopping? The possibilities are endless. Whatever the story make your next move with confidence, knowing that wherever you go, it’s the right place for right now. Guide other Opa users along the way by telling the world’s story from your perspective - make your mark.


Be Everywhere.

Space -

Space is a new category giving users the ability to share what is happening live from anywhere in the world while in-between or on the go! Post Up in Space while not visiting a venue. Your location while in Space is only visible to other users while live-streaming. All posts in Space are represented by the blue Space dot, refreshing every day on the home view map and accessible always in the Space view map.

You can manually enter a venue from Space, or enter Space from a venue, at any time by clicking the Post Up button located bottom center of the home, profile or camera view.

Post Up -

Post Up and go Live! Be visible on the map when visiting a venue or live-streaming from Space. Zoom out on the map to see other users visiting venues around the world. Message them to save your seat, catch the vibe or just chat. Make real friends and connections, get insider tips and know what’s happening behind the scenes at over 60+ million venues in 190+ countries and 50 territories around the world!

Your current location is only visible to other users while you’re visiting a venue or live-streaming from Space. Once you leave the venue you are no longer visible on the map.

Places of residence do not exist in Opa.

You can manually change the venue you are visiting or enter Space at any time by tapping the Post Up button located bottom center of the home, profile or camera view.

You will be automatically prompted to Post Up when Opa detects you have entered or exited a venue or Space. The location you’re currently Posted Up at is highlighted at the top of the list followed by your suggested location. Tap the correct location to Post Up!

No Name -

No nametags. Enjoy the same level of privacy and anonymity that you experience in everyday public life.

No Likes -

Share your perspective of the world unbounded, free from likes or comments.

No “Friends” -

Opa is location based social networking, meaning you follow the place, not the person.

No Filters -

Unfiltered and unedited - see things as they are and decide for yourself.

Live-streaming and Posting -

Never miss another connection or moment of opportunity #SayNoToFOMO! Discover new places and experience what’s happening nearby and around the world with contextual, location based live-streaming. Press and hold the camera button to begin your own live-stream or click once for a quick photo to post and share with other users. A blue dot (if in Space) or pin (if visiting a venue) will begin blinking on the map in real-time for other users to see! Posting your live-stream or photo saves it to the map, if in Space, or the venue.

Confirm your location in the Post Up button located bottom center of the camera view.

Live Maps -

Upon launch you will see all venues and Space dots nearby. Blinking venue pins and Space dots represent a live-stream (fast blinking) or new, unviewed posts (slower blinking). To only see venues other users are visiting, recent posts or live-streams just zoom out on the map. It’s that simple.

Chat -

Click the message bubble in a user’s profile view to send a chat and start the conversation!

Block a user at any time by swiping left on a chat from the Messages home view and tapping the block icon.


Opa, Corp.
162.2 MB

Requiere iOS 13.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.



Acceso a internet sin restricciones
Temas para adultos/provocativos frecuentes/intensos
Esta app podría utilizar tu ubicación aunque no la tengas abierta, lo cual puede consumir la batería de tu dispositivo.


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