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Meet your Robo-Advisor, developed by Switzerland’s top provider of online banking services. Your automated investment manager not only builds your optimal personalised portfolio but also monitors your investments around the clock. Our Robo-Advisor’s multi-asset universe extends far beyond ETFs to include equities, bonds, commodities, real estate, cryptocurrencies and cash. Set your goals and let your Robo-Advisor work for you.

The heart of the Robo-Advisor is the same algorithm used in the award-winning Swissquote Quant Fund developed in-house by our experts. Launched in 2010, Swissquote’s Robo-Advisor was the first automated asset manager in Switzerland and a forerunner in the area of digital wealth management.

The Robo-Advisor app enables you to:
- Access your Robo-Advisor account
- Monitor the status and performance of the account (absolute return, TWR and CVaR)
- Display all transactions and events
- See the evolution of your performance at a glance with a full range of charts
- View your current strategy, risk level, reallocation frequency and universe of securities (read only)
- Connect to your Robo-Advisor with Smart login (Level 3 card only required for your first login or when you switch accounts)

Keen to see it in action? Test the app without any account. Click on the menu item “Demo” to practice with a free demo account. This demo version allows you to explore and test the Robo-Advisor without any risks or obligations, using virtual money.

To create or modify your strategy and portfolio, a Swissquote Robo-Advisory account and use of the desktop platform is required. Find more information and get started here:

Benefits of using our automated investment management solution:
- Diversity: Build your portfolio with exchange-traded funds (ETFs), equities, bonds, commodities, real estate, cryptocurrencies and currencies.
- 24/7 service: Continuous portfolio monitoring.
- Ease of use: Simple and straightforward interface.
- Peace of mind: Our secure online platform and rigorous account protocols ensure your information is always safe.
- Rationality: Decisions are based on algorithms rather than emotion.
- Cost-effectiveness: Helps you reduce transaction and management fees.
- Transparency: Your portfolio is available to view whenever you wish.
- Flexibility: Select your investment preferences and adjust your choices anytime.
- Support: Our multi-lingual team is at hand whenever you need help.

How does it work?
Simply pick your investments goals, the Robo-Advisor does the work for you:
1. Analysis of your risk profile. Your Robo-Advisor maps your financial situation and risk aversion.
2. Build an asset-class allocation. Your Robo-Advisor allocates across asset classes based on your selected risk level, reference currency and personal preferences.
3. Build a portfolio. Your Robo-Advisor assigns scores to securities based on expected returns, taking into account any relevant forecasts from analysts, as well as your preferences. It then builds a tailor-made portfolio by selecting the highest-scoring securities.
4. Monitor and rebalance. Your Robo-Advisor monitors the portfolio, computing the Conditional Value at Risk (CVaR) weekly and re-allocating the portfolio, if necessary.
5. Optimize order execution. All transactions are optimised to take advantage of intraday volatility and liquidity.

Our Robo-Advisor is developed and supervised by a team of experts from our Quantitative Asset Management Department.

About Swissquote
Swissquote is the Swiss leader in online banking, at the forefront of new technology. Since 1996, we have established ourselves as one of the most reputable online banking and financial service providers, serving over 340,000 private investors and institutional clients worldwide.


Versión 2.3.0

- Various improvements and corrections.

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